City of Love Review

I have another escort site on today’s agenda. They call it City of Love and this review will present its appalling workings that resemble a lot to what Backpage did. As part of the job on Adult Dating Patrol I, debunk revolting escort websites that can create dozens of problems for you. As you probably know, I help our followers find legit dating apps and lead a prosperous online hookup life. So far, I have been exposing hundreds of the worst casual dating scams. Escort sites top up the charts of worst scams. They are unsafe, expensive, and don’t deliver what they promise.  

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Why NEVER to Join City of Love

I need to be more careful when doing reviews – this time it was easier, but on other occasions, escort sites are cleverly disguised as dating platforms. By doing so, they damage the reputation of genuine adult dating websites with a lot of excellent potential.

Snapsext is one of my later favorites. Since the City of Love puts prices next to the model’s name it’s easy to debunk it. Here is what else you should pay attention to – I strongly advise you do NOT submit any information to this website, especially if it’s sensitive and personal.

Escorts Sign up for Free

You don’t get to chat with regular dating enthusiasts at all. Since it doesn’t cost a dime for an escort to sign up for the site, you will find links to around 50 world countries and their larger cities. “Models” are generally shown in blurred photos so I couldn’t do my reverse image search to see if they can be verified.

Heaven for Agency Escorts

Escort agencies are another pain in the a**. They work for commissions and use all ways they can to be more present. They just don’t choose services and directories. I hate that they thrive on the freedom of the Internet, but not much can be done.

Therefore, it’s best to keep your own back and don’t pay for dubious agent fees on top of the basic service. It’s best to approach City if Love wearing the police hat, just like a do. Don’t relax too much expecting to get laid for free!

Expensive Advertising Links

City of Love advertising prices

Can you believe that City of Love is trying to make money on both sides? Models advertise their prices and agencies, adult movie websites, and other adult content service providers need to use the website banners to gain an advantage  

Hoodwinked Prostitution

This site just wants to make money by encouraging prostitution, which, by the way, is rarely legal. So, if you want to keep many problems off of your back you should stick to verified dating apps and find sex for free.

It’s very simple in today’s liberal hookup world. It just gets on my nerves when I see what people are paying for and so many juicy dating websites are available out there for no cost at all.

Don’t Take Your Chances!

Some of the links lead straight to countries where prostitution is legal. I managed to find real agencies with prices for Amsterdam models. One of those services is called Diva Amsterdam. Let me tell you that this is in no way free! You need to pay for varying services. On top of everything you will need to pay for phone fees, you never know!

Can You Trust NOPE!

I need to be direct – no! If this wasn’t enough for you let me remind you about the high price you can pay by reading this information in a tightly packed infographic!

Infographic City of Love review

Please, if you like what you’ve read and you find the information useful, then I suggest connecting with us and perhaps even sharing the information you’ve come across with others!

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