ABF-ANR Dating Sites Review: A Top 10 Compilation Worth Checking Out

You can find it under many different names: adult breastfeeding (ABF), adult nursing relationship (ANR), erotic lactation, breast milk kink, ABF fetish, and many more. But the main point is to experience sexual arousal or some type of pleasure from lactating breasts. The kink has many different variations, and if you find your taste peculiar and difficult to disclose to someone else, read on, you may just find out there are many others like you and plenty of ABF-ANR dating resources for you.

ABF-ANR dating

What is Adult Breastfeeding and How to Find ABF-ANR Dating Sites?

First things first:

Let’s learn what comes under ABF. If you think that includes suckling the breasts of a pregnant woman, you’re partially right. Other ABF activities include: getting aroused by breastfeeding, enjoying the sight of the nipples of a pregnant woman, and role playing. Hey, this is not all, I’m more than sure you can think of more different ABF stuff if you let go of your imagination.

Many people find adult nursing and breastfeeding relationships weird and taboo. But hey who am I to judge for fun that happens between two consenting adults and doesn’t hurt them, quite the contrary? If you agree and want to know decent sites about breast and nipple suckling, adult erotic lactation, and ANF relationships, see what I have prepared for you. I have taken a tour and made a top 10 ABF-ANR compilation just for you.

AFF (Adult Friend Finder)

The well-known and popular Adult Friend Finder has over 80 million members, so you’ll definitely find someone for you. You know that site has quite a reputation, and frequently scores number one among hookup sites. Because it has proven a worthwhile resources, betcha you can find a kindred spirit and immerse into your lactation fantasies. 


Another top-rated adult dating site that doesn’t disappoint is Fling. The site is known for open-mindedness, a large number of women members and strong security features. Because you definitely need as many women to engage in ABF-ANR hookups, my advise is to try it with all necessary precautions of adult dating sites.


I guess the better name for this site would be Fatlife because breast milk is pretty nutritious. If you do it every day, it is not excluded to gain a few unplanned pounds. Hopefully, you will loose it all later with some vigorous sex. IMHO, this site has a abundant community with a knack ro videos, so you will like it.

ABF Singles

Before you avoid ABF singles because it has a kitschy design, you should know almost anyone who is into ABF and suckling breasts has a profile on it. The site has a strict profile verification process, which I guess is another bonus for registering on ABF Singles.

Dreams of Milk

Judging by the number of adult breastfeeding sites, milk seems to turn up in many people’s dreams. If you are curious and don’t know much about adult nursing and erotic lactation, you can find answers to many questions in this happy-go-lucky community. Bear in mind though, that this is not a strictly NSA dating site, so make sure to pay attention to that.

ANR Relationships

The site is for exclusive lasting relationships in the ANR/ABF area. If you need a more bonded and more intimate erotic lactation relationship, then this site is for you, Believe it or not (if this is your first time on ABF sites) there is an ANR Journal you can buy on Amazon and learn everything beforehand.

Lactating Dating

Is this site real? I can’t tell, at least by assessing its miniscule community. I wouldn’t put it in my preferred selection because not much of the content looks genuine, including some of the profiles. Instead, I’d go for a real hookup site with millions of members and try my lack into the fetish niche.

ANR Connections

Although I am not that happy with the site organization and design (and you may not be if you are used to advanced and flashy 4K adult dating sites), I appreciate the effort invested to ensure members mean it and act so. You’ll find plenty of ABF fans, for sure. 


Living anywhere in the English-speaking community? Well, then this ABF site is for you. You won’t encounter any language barrier, guaranteed. The members look nice and love milk, so you’ll have topics to share and breast to suckle.       

There you go. This was my ultimate top 10 collection of ABF dating sites I have found so far. I will keep you posted with new info as it comes in!

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