Independent Girls Review: Back to History

My Independent Girls review didn’t go exactly according to the plan. And I must admit, I’m not at all surprised about what transpired. The latest news about Independent Girls expose and confirm all suspicions I ever had about this site. It was full of shady dealings, troublesome advertisements, and other nonsense that can create problems with law enforcement. 

You’re now not allowed to access the site. That’s good for you because you don’t want to use escort services on the web and get busted when there are hundreds and even thousands of free adult dating sites where you can get legit casual dates. Now, let’s find out what actually happened to Independent Girls.


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Independent Girls Review: RIP, We Already Forgot It

There are many sites like Independent Girls. Slowly but surely, they go into oblivion. If they do illegal listings and murky activities, they don’t last long. So the end for this site happened in 2019 when the owner was allegedly found to be dealing with some not-so-nice (read: illegal) activities. 

Unfortunately, that is always the danger of using online resources for dating that have not verified profiles because they’re dangerous and contain frauds in every nook and cranny. You never know what you’re getting yourself into! 

But that’s exactly the purpose of why I’m doing reviews  – to provide advice on which sites are good to use and which ones to avoid  Okay, the second reason for my overwhelming interest in hookup sites is for personal pleasure – not all is business.

How Do Sites like IndiGirls Survive?

All these fraudulent websites have a similar business model (more or less) including IndiGirls. Don’t get me wrong: if I describe one model here and you meet a variation somewhere else, it’s totally possible. It looks like charged expensive memberships to enable visitors to hire prostitutes. This namely happened under the guise of escorts while paying them online or in person. 

You know that how usually hookers and pimps work. And you probably don’t need me to tell you that it is out of the question! It is also out of the mind of a grown-up, normal adult man with an ounce of sound reason to use such sites to get laid. I have said this a hundred times, and it doesn’t hurt to say it once more – there are excellent FREE sites!

Rip-off Memberships

So the membership model is this: you either get a one-off fee or purchase a monthly and annual membership. For that payment, you get premium services and access to content you won’t be able to access if you’re not a paid subscriber. In the case of Independent Girls, that was some sort of exclusive access to chat messages with escorts

Once again, sites like this always have a short lifespan and eventually come to the end when exposed for messing with illegal activities. Those officers are busy and don’t waste time. In fact, it is a good idea to remove shifty escort services from the decent adult dating community that doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.

Brief Message to Wrap-up the Independent Girls Report 

Simply put, this site is dead. And that’s good news for you and everyone else on the internet who tries to get laid on decent and legitimate adult dating platforms. Now you’re more educated and:

  1. Aware of the dangers that exist in hookup sites with poor reviews.
  2. Know where to find good resources.
  3. How to recognize escorts when you see them.

I wish you good luck and juicy casual dating!

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