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Some of the most famous escort agencies are in the UK. And London is the city you’ll find on the top of the lists of prominent escort site reviews. From my other reviews of adult dating scams, I’ve found London pretty much topping the charts of fraudulent dating sites. So not every big city offers only spectacular sex, even if you pay for it. In fact, some of the biggest scammers are in capital areas. That’s why I did this Turn Love Review to discover how much of the content is actually for real. You’ll see how much are the risks and the benefits of looking for casual sex on paid dating services.

Turn Love Review: Swindle to Get Laid

TurnLove.com is a mare’s nest. You’ll notice that if you try to book one of the girls. You need to fill out a longish booking form, which requires a lot of details. The good thing about this is that you can “order” a specific type of girl, and the bad side is that you may not get what you ordered! Escorts on Turn Love are hot and have expensive grooming.

If this is an indicator of their costs, then you are definitely not getting out of the site without being ripped off! But if they are not, the site is pulling you by the nose in two ways. Once for believing that you had it for real when a crappy girl shows up, and twice for having to pay the real price nevertheless.

What’s the Escort Gallery Like?

One word – it’s awesome. But is it real? Turn Love is saying it is. I didn’t find any online Turn Love reviews to help you from other users’ perspective. Since I cannot provide any guarantees, I’m not sure what to make of it. You are free to go and test it yourself. However, be mindful of how much will this risk cost you.

Click on the profile of the girl you like and her rates will show up. Now make your own calculations for the full cost. It can take as much as 2,000 pounds. Now compare that to getting laid for free!

Turn Love review gallery

Commission and Escort Fees

What’s in it for the escorts? Well, they need to fill out a form and submit their details, too. The form is quite detailed and has a lot of questions. But I’m not sure what if TurnLove.com is an exclusive escort agency or if it accepts external providers.

If it does, you have no guarantees for them. If it doesn’t, you need to pay the agency commission fee. In both cases, you’re screwed.

Turn Love review gallery prices

Hooking up on TurnLove.com

You can get laid on escort sites, but you can also get into a lot of trouble and have issues with the law, with scammers, and with the girls themselves. Apart from getting ripped off, you can get STDs and even bigger problems. You know me and my opinion about paying for sex – I’m always up for finding hookups for adults on free casual dating sites.

If you don’t know where to look, read a bit more about the reviews we post and you’ll eventually get there!

My advice would be to also avoid the London-based agencies below:

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Should you have any other questions please just contact us for help and we’ll gladly advise.

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