AJ London Escorts Review

For a site that advertises like a cheap escort provider, AJLondonEscorts.co.uk s not that cheap. There are tiers among the girls, but the least you will pay is 100 pounds per hour. Since no one hires a girl for less than 2-3 hours make that 300! A lot more than drinks for a casual date, right? Still interested in having some fun with call girls in the UK capital? Go for the rest of the content of this AJ London Escorts review to find out the truth!

AJ London Escorts Reviews: Too Good to Be True!

Is AJ London Escorts any good? Maybe, if you don’t have any experience with casual dating! In case you haven’t seen many free adult dating sites, you’ll think there are no other options. You’d be ready to pay hundreds just to get laid. When you see great promises, you shouldn’t really believe them up to 100 percent. Do some checking beforehand.

So, I did this for you.

To help you learn more about this London escort agency, I’ve examined its features. All you need to do is read the sections that interest you and see what awaits here.

AJ London Escorts reviews

Another approach you can take is read what others have to say. User reviews are the best way to judge what’s going on with a site. Just go and scroll around a couple of the girl’s profiles! All of them have stellar reviews! Do you really think that each client had such a spectacular experience? Nope! It just makes me doubt if those reviews are real or just posted there by someone internal! You can never tell, but it’s definitely a sign of a scam!

AJ London Escorts review real costs

Is AJLondonEscorts.co.uk Really Cheap?

If you see the fees for the first ten girls, you will think that this is a cheap site. Especially if you compare it to other exclusive London providers. Most of the exclusive ones start at 300 pounds. Aj Escorts starts at 100 pounds. In a matter of speaking, it is cheaper than the rest of the agencies. Overall though, it can cost you even more. Since there are no real ways to calculate the total of the booking, you may end up with a total rip-off!

AJ London Escorts Review: Calculating Real Costs

One good thing about this escort provider is that it includes clear contact details. There is a general phone number, an email, and specific phone contacts for the girls. If you hire a girl via her agency, you’ll have to pay a commission. It is very likely that you will need to pay extra fees for outcalls, as well as for extra services.

Girls often charge specific requests as special services, so it’s best to have this in mind before you call one. Also, don’t forget about taxis, overnights, and many other details. You are probably not aware of most of the fees in the whole package.

That’s why online dating scam forums are full of users who share unpleasant experiences. Scams and frauds abound. One of the best ways to protect yourself from adult dating scams is to do proper research. Escorts carry a double risk, as you can pay too much and still end up with nothing.

If you’re looking for work your way into a hookup without the monstrous expense, then give this a try here instead.

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