Blue Monday of London Escorts Review: 100% Exclusive or Fake?

Don’t let the changing face of this escort website fool you. It has an interactive design. A couple of girls change every few seconds. From a cutie on the beach to a sexy blonde in sheer lacy lingerie, and a couple more. That can be even more confusing for newbies on escort services. Can you be duped twice with the same page? It’s possible since many of the agencies use dozens of interfaces for the same bunch of girls. How will you fare on Blue Monday of London Escorts? Let’s find out!

What’s so Cheeky About Blue Monday of London Escorts?

First of all, the trickiest part is the extra rates which are not disclosed in full on the girls’ profiles. Therefore, you won’t be getting a real picture. Apart from the hourly fees, see what else comes in the expensive fees to hire an escort model in London:

  • Travel expenses
  • Airport bookings per hour
  • Couples fee
  • Extra costs for overnight stays outside of London
  • Outcall fees
  • Unsuitable hotel replacements
  • Cancellation fees
  • Advance international payments

Additionally, many girls work for more than one agency. If they are not exclusive, getting one can be tricky. Since they are sole proprietors, you might just end up with something totally else in case the one you asked for isn’t available!

Blue Monday of London Escorts Reviews on Captain69

If you trust them it’s an A-rated agency. But I have my fair share of problems with Captain 69 as well. It has a special internal evaluation system, which it doesn’t disclose to users. How does the company come up to the final grades? It has an ABC system, but no explanation about how it got there. Considering the fact that anyone over the age of 18 can become a member and post a review on Captain69, I don’t think that site is a relevant contributor.

Full Rate Disclosure

Here are the real rates borrowed from the profile description of a girl called Amy:

  • 1 hour – £700
  • 90 min – £1,000
  • 2 hours – £1,200
  • Additional hour – £500
  • Dinner Date (4hrs) – £1,800
  • Overnight – £3,500

But if you look for the same information on Captain69, you’ll notice an average hourly rate of 350 pounds which is totally fake! I wouldn’t really give too much credit to that Blue Monday of London Escorts review or to any else, to that matter!

Blue Monday of London Escorts Final Words of Caution

If you read websites carefully, you’ll notice minor details. In case you weren’t vigilant, here’s what’s the problem with Blue Monday. It politely asks for a special fee of 15% on each statement you make.

What is this fee exactly? You can consider it a tip for a great service, but you can always do that in person, in cash. There’s something very fishy with this fee. I am not giving my card details to this company, now or ever! I suggest you use extreme caution when arranging payments via suspicious dating websites. That’s the only way to avoid scams and ID theft. Getting laid is possible on casual dating sites, too!  

Other Shady London-Based Escort Services To Avoid:

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Society Service

Truth be told, the list goes on and on and one! Avoid them all!

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