5 Arguments TrueAdultDate.com Has Gone Way Too Far with Its Fraud

The networks including several adult dating websites don’t seem to stop faking new subsidiaries to encourage new users to fall for the same scam. In this review, we are investigating True Adult Date.com, a fake dating site that is as true as the love between the Republicans and the Democrats. Out team at Adult Dating Patrol took the tour (or better to say, took one for the team so that others don’t need to burn themselves) and – guess, what we found out? True Adult Date is just a masquerade for Local Booty, the well-known scam site that works with all methods of false dating tools.


No – TrueAdultDate.com is not authentic. It is yet another copy of Local Booty. But, the fraud does not end there – it would have been nice and too easy to expect that. Adopting just a false identity is too simple for this deceptive service. For example – you are solely responsible for all payments, regardless of the provisions from other providers. Additionally, you must also keep an eye on recurring charges as they may be changed without notice and you won’t have an alternative to payment.

Why is TrueAdultDate.com a Fraudulent Dating Website

The team at Adult Dating Patrol put an effort into checking up on the site content and how the process goes.

  • You have no control over changes in discounts of premium memberships.

This is how the subscription plans go – you join for a premium fee which includes some sort of promotion or discount, but later it can be changed, however, since you have agreed to the periodical, automatic rebilling, your subscription may still continue even if it goes ways higher than the initial fee you have agreed to pay: “You agree to pay us by means of automatic credit card rebilling on a recurring, periodic basis, at the then-effective Normal Rate for your category of Premium Membership then-published on our Upgrade Page with respect to a regular Membership Subscription Period recurring at the end of an Initial Membership Subscription Period.”

True Adult Date recurring changeable fees

  • You do not have the right to a refund.

All fees must be paid by YOU – even if they were not included in the initial fee. As you can see, TrueAdultDate.com makes every effort to get rid of the responsibility and transfer it to its users. Non-existing refunds are just one of the ways to do it: “If you incur any additional charges beyond those provided as part-and-parcel with your level of Premium Membership, you agree to pay or have paid all fees and charges incurred in connection with your Membership with the Service (including any applicable taxes) at the rates in effect when the charges were incurred. ALL FEES AND CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.”

  • Third-party payments are another way to do it.

Let us explain the scam behind this provision in a short, clear way: there is no way to put an obligation on third-party providers about the services (this is another provision in the Terms of Use) but there is a way to put all costs at the back of users. This sounds like a bunch of fraudsters gathered together to rip off money from people who don’t have a clue how scams work.

True Adult Date third-party fees

This is proof of what we have talking about at the beginning – we got a bunch of fake women (marked with yellow stars) who “viewed the profile” although the subscription was only a second old:

True Adult Date viewed you

There was also a string of messages from virtual profiles (marked with yellow stars) who sent messages.

True Adult Date fictitious profiles Local Booty

Both above screens show up after registration, so there is no way for you to know that you are signing up for a fake site until it is too late.

Price Tag

  • $19.98 per month for a three-month subscription of $59.95
  • $29.95 per month for a monthly subscription

Busted or Trusted

TrueAdultDate.com is not true, we’ve come up so far by now. I think that no one will need more persuasion to stay far, far away from this site. Would you like to get pestered by fictitious profiles? Do you want to pay more for less? Do you like being used as a payment guarantee? As we are sure that the answers to all these questions are negative, you will be happy to have been warned on time.

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