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Not all adult dating websites are intended for a specific audience with a particular sexual preference. Some of them are indeed targeting distinct groups, but the grouping has nothing to do with what type of sex they like. In this case, is aiming to gather people who like to share a joint or two and have great fun with casual hookups while doing so. Although this may be an unusual place and not everyone’s cup of tea, many may find it to be the exact thing they need. In the end, it has been proven that weed can have a positive effect on mood and relaxation, and does anyone have too much of it, ever?

 Authenticity of

It is beyond doubt that is one of the most unique and authentic dating websites that ever exist in the dating community. It is even a bigger surprise how can someone not thought of it before. We think that creating a liberal cannabis community is an awesome solution for many who find it challenging to date in this way. This is what the site promotes on its opening screen:

Walking down the street, you may not find your dream girl right away. Perhaps your social circle is small, and your circle of 420 friends is even smaller. Sometimes it can be difficult to go out and meet people into the same things you are. Maybe you don’t have the time. Maybe you have a demanding job. Perhaps you really just dislike the social scene altogether. That’s fine because we’re right there with you!” … “from the comfort of your home. Browse the local photo profiles. Check out their hot pictures, swap messages and pics, chat online and then arrange local hookups. Talk a little, share a joint if you want and get to know your new 420 buddies“.

420bangme weed smoking

However, is not just randomly produced to meet the needs of joint lovers, but a solid, well-equipped place with verified profiles, free memberships and several support teams.

Why is a Great Dating Website

Let’s look into the reasons we have classified into the genuine dating sites.

  • uses solid user support – a Fraud Team and a Support Team.

Although the name of the team is fraud, it is much better to call it anti-fraud because it helps users avoid usual tricks used by deceptive persons who use online dating to get some advantage for themselves. Users can not behave any way they like and expect that they can get away with it on The site also deploys a technical team that can assist customers to deal with any unforeseen difficulties they may encounter on the site.

420bangme fraud and support team

  • Your personal information is dealt with in a careful and protective way. 

You are the sole proprietor of your personal information and unlike many other sites, will use the minimum of what you provide to them, avoid unnecessary sharing with other parties and keep your personal details with an utmost due diligence.

420bang me use of personal info

  • The weed-friendly dating site uses only real profiles.

Many fake dating services (almost 95% of them) use fictitious profiles to keep you entertained while they extort your money. Well, what a nice surprise it is to discover that does not do that. You will have a business only with real users, who are into the same things you are – great sex in a relaxed mood.

420bang me no fake profiles

  • Monetary errors are corrected on

This is a surefire sign of a great business relationship and respect of its customers. When a dating site wants to prove that it takes care of users, they don’t take the membership for granted but actually, invest more by looking into ways to manage and improve customer relationships..

420bang me correcting billing errors

Price Tag

  • 2-Day trial is $2.48 a day.
  • 7-Day trial is $9.95 a day.
  • 1-Month subscription is $34.95 a month.
  • 6-Month subscription is $11.65 a month.
  • 12-Month Subscription is $6.67 a month.

Busted or Trusted

This is one crack of a great place to have online dating fun in the most casual and awesome way. At least you know what is your common trait. That makes starting a conversation much easier and sharing stuff less complicated. You know better than us that casual marijuana smokers are one of the coolest and laid-back people to hang around with. helps bring all these users close to each other to help them hook up, chat, share a joint, and why not – a lot more than that!

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