5 Deceitful Methods HelloHotties.com Uses to Scam Its New Customers

HelloHotties.com is the newest hookup site we are bringing to you for inspection from the deceptive lab of Together Networks. It may be new, but its scam is a classic. HelloHotties.com uses not one or two but five or six methods to extort money from its customers. If you don’t fall for the first one, you will for sure go for one of the rest. Money tricks galore, that’s the essence of HelloHotties.com and the base for attracting new members used by Together Networks. What’s in it for you and what’s in for them? Here it is!


HelloHotties.com is a member of the fake group of hookup sites of Together Networks. Until now, we have encountered maybe thirty or forty of their fake copies. They use the same features and the same format on their multiple creations, making only small changes in the front page design and in the structure of the site. It is very easy to discover the scam once you start studying them in more detail. We’ve become accustomed to exposing these scams, but they still keep us in amazement when we find out about a new one.

Why is HelloHotties.com a Fraudulent Dating Network 

Here are the five methods used by HelloHotties.com to launch and deliver their nasty scam:

Automatic Renewal Extension With Non-promotional Fees

Once you get the suitable subscription package from the site, you will get used to the fees and the usage and expect the same renewals. Especially if you noticed that the subscriptions are subject to automatic renewals. If you didn’t, now is a good moment to be prompted about it. But, when the promotion ends, the renewal can happen at a new price. HelloHotties.com has many provisions about the same site features dispersed all over the site and it is very difficult to notice all scammy bits!

HelloHotties.com Uses Promoted Messages to Charge You Upgrades

Members get a chance to use promoted messages. But, then again – others don’t!. So, if you belong to the latter, and you probably will, because the privilege with promoted messages is given to the first bunch comprised of fake women profiles, you must pay for an upgrade if you want to reply to the promotion. These promoted messages are just a way to lure you in for new money.

Date Bundles Are a Way to Pay Triple For the Same Service

As it is already well-known for people who read our reviews regularly and who know the fraudulent tricks of Together Networks, they have developed a network to dupe a large number of users. Users get their details duplicated across many websites, and they also get the chance to “get forward in a faster way” and “expand their hookup chances” by paying for three monthly memberships. You are basically paying for the same sites on HelloHotties.com.

Cam Profiles Are Mixed With Real Profiles

When you join the site and start browsing for hookups, you don’t expect to find paid cam models! But – here they are, and HelloHotties.com does not own any responsibility in regards to their online behavior. They are marked with “Live Cam Models”, so when you start looking for hookups, keep an eye on them!

Rebranding of the HelloHotties.com Site is Made to Fool New Users

Here it is again the hoodwinking work of HelloHotties.com. The company uses these methods to cover up the traces of their scams. They just put some new clothes (read: make new design), get a new site label and they are ready to go exploring fresh territories with new users who are not familiar with the scam.

Price Tag

  • $4.47 payment fee for a 3-day trial
  • $34.99 payment fee for a 1-month full membership
  • $59.96 payment fee for a 3-month full membership
  • $95.94 payment fee for a 6-month full membership

Busted or Trusted?

There is no question that HelloHotties.com is busted. If you really need to join and make your own investigation or learn your own lessons, be very careful when you start chatting with senders of promotional messages, when you delve into the profiles’ hunt or when you select the size of the upgrade. Traps everywhere!

2 thoughts on “5 Deceitful Methods HelloHotties.com Uses to Scam Its New Customers”

  1. I noticw on Hello Hotties that you ca never meet anyone for coffee or a public place just to meet in person. you go so far with the Twilight Zone sex fantasies. is there any women that are real. or is every girl on this sight fake

  2. I notice on Hello Hotties that you can never meet anyone for coffee or a public place just to meet in person. you go so far with the Twilight Zone sex fantasies then they must suddenly leave.. is there any women that are real. or is every girl on this sight fake


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