– No Need to Go as Far as Asia to Get Scammed! is an adult dating site for matchmaking related to people interested in dating girls from distant Asian countries. If you haven’t noticed, it belongs to the FFN network. More about that later, now let’s go into the initial characteristics of this site. As all sites in the network, it works with extra expensive fees and added services that make the subscription more expensive.


Here is a visual proof the is a part of the FFN site network. A note for those who don’t have an idea what is that – does Adult Friend Finder ring a bell? If you know it, then you have an idea what are they all about. In a nutshell, they sell commercial hookup sites to users who think that they’ve gotten to a wonderful place.

Why is a Dubious Dating Platform

Let’s look into this short guide for dating on

Extra Fees on Every Corner 

When you pay the subscription fees on, it’s not only the basic fee you will need to calculate for. The payment process can include currency exchange fees, usage fees and transaction costs  – so, you need to be extra careful in this, especially in the strange mix of international dating platforms.

Renewals of Tricky Promotions by Automation

From time to time, offers promotions as a special service to its users. It’s a catch as most of them like getting some freebies and try the dating space for a while. However, they get automatically renewed for the full price. Unless you cancel the subscription, you will notice that you have paid the full price once you get your credit card statement. Uses Independent Third-party Linking

You should be wary of third-party links that lead to other platforms or different services. They have their own rules which are not governed by the main regulations of

Price Tag

  • 1-Month subscription for $19.95
  • 3 Month subscription for $35.90
  • 12-Month subscription for $107.40

Busted or Trusted

Are there chances to find casual sex on Well, chances are, you can, but the price you will need to pay is too high. On another note, high prices are a bit of a subjective experience. What’s high for one person, it’s low for another. So, if you are willing to take unprecedented risks and like Asian women, this may be the place for you.

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