Sends You Phony Messages from Fabricated Milf Profiles is a fake site for dating milfs, no doubt about it. You will find plenty of phony messages and expensive costs for application membership, including unsafe sharing practices. The cougars and the milfs are a very exciting category, but only when they are real, and not when they are fake. Despite being one of the most exciting categories in the dating niche, fake milfs can be very successful for the scams, too, exactly because of the same reasons!

Authenticity is not something we haven’t seen so far, although it is created in a very nice way. When the design looks great it is difficult to make assumptions about the authenticity of a hookup site. It is also more difficult to discover the fraud when all is nicely wrapped. However, a bit deeper investigation uncovered that there is plenty to doubt and be cautious about.

Why is a Fake Hookup App

Here are several of the reasons why is a fake hookup website with extra platforms for varied devices.

Extra Fees for the Hookup Apps

Yes, there is the dating website. But –  wait, there are the hookup apps, too! And, there is where the real danger lies: selling the same product in a number of locations, having them all over the place, with different rules, procedures and costs, confusing already confused customers about the real value for money and the real costs of the membership on

Unsafe Facebook Connections

You can log in from the website, from a mobile, and with your FB account. If you need to regularly sign in for the first variant, the second connection requires that you use your FB account details for registration. And you know the dangers of signing in to a website membership in this way – you give to the site way more than your own data, you also include details from the people in your network. You can’t escape the unsafety of this registration method, despite the limitations you apply. is a 2L Multimedia Dating Website

We have already revealed that 2L Multimedia stands behind several online dating scams about various sexual preferences. Discovering that it is also behind the business tricks of is not a big surprise!

Mobile Subscription on is Making Additional Fees

You must be careful when you use the mobile app because it has an integrated offer on the website and in the app stores for both Google and Apple, so you will be risking exact fee information if you don’t investigate the costs for each of the relevant memberships:

Price Tag

  • $3.25 for a 3-day paid subscription
  • $119.97 for a 3-month paid gold membership.
  • $77.98 for a 2-month paid silver membership
  • $37.99 for a 1-month paid bronze membership

Busted or Trusted? is so busted! It is full of non-secure sign-up methods, more than one unsafe payment methods and a phony message from persons who are not real members. And, on top of everything, it is a 2L Multimedia invention, which is just another proof of fakeness!

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