How I Successfully Avoided My Very Own Fraud

It is not a big secret that moms are among the most grateful customers of adult dating sites – they are not complicated, they are hot and they typically know what they want. As a matter of fact, when milfs join a website, they quickly turn around a low turnover dating site into something way more successful. Visits skyrocket – exactly because of the reasons I have mentioned above. Additionally, sites with milfs are among the most visited on the web in general. It is no wonder wants to get into the market and get its share of the deal, albeit in a not-so-honest way. Let’s find out why.


Once I visited this site’s landing page, I could have sworn that I have already seen something very similar before. Actually, it almost looked like sites from the Bulova network that I reviewed a couple of days ago. The registration page is almost the same, the home page is designed in a very similar way and the site documents are almost identical. I was nearly convinced that I dealing with the same company.

However, when I checked the company data, it turned out that belongs to LDate, which is not the same as Bulova, right? Well, this is fishy, but I know for a fact that these companies often belong to the same people who use the same fraudulent ways to deceive new people. So, although the company is not the same, I still believe that they are the same framers.

Nowadays, you can register a company in a day for almost zero capital, especially off-shore. Of course, you are welcome to adopt your own decision in terms of authenticity.

Why is a Dishonest Dating Service

  • uses a network to simulate wider activity.

This is not illegal, but it is unethical. Especially when you join under the conviction that you are only giving your data and your photos to one single and secure directory, and later discover that you have to keep an eye on multiple duplicate profiles, see your pictures spread on multiple search databases and keep getting requests from sites which don’t actually share the same preference as you do. This is not only unpleasant and annoying but also unsecured and risky.

Moms Get Naughty network

  • uses fabricated profiles.

They are called Staff Profiles, which is pretty fair if you ask me because at least you know that they are created by the site, once you look at the explanation. However, that doesn’t mean that they serve honest purposes or at least honest in favor of the customers. They are pure 100% business and will not protect your interest or help you get laid – make sure to have your own back covered!

Moms Get Naughty Staff Profiles

  • There is no protection from third parties, both in terms of services and in terms of links.

The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy provide at least some kind of assurance that what you see is what you get on, But, before you get too confident that the chances to get scammed are pretty slim, you should have a look at the amount of services and links which are actually provided not directly by the site, but by other partner companies. This is why there is no guarantee for the security of the service, and I have extracted two important provisions from the documents to serve as evidence.

Proof #1

Moms Get Naughty third parties

Proof #2

Moms Get Naughty third parties2

Price Tag

  • Subscription for 3 days is $4.07
  • Subscription for one month is $35.65
  • Subscription for three months is $59.79
  • Subscription for six months is $93.86

Busted or Trusted

So, whether it is Bulova network or the LDate network, I am really not in a position to guarantee with a solid proof. Yet, I am for my own personal assurance more than certain that this is one and the same business, using fake duplicate profiles, sending promotional messages, guaranteeing no dates, overselling the less-than-average services and striking to a very wide adult dating audience – moms, milfs and cougars. I profess no success here!

3 thoughts on “How I Successfully Avoided My Very Own Fraud”

  1. Remove the account brez65. It’s me in the pictures but not me behind the monitor! Get photos off ASAP or You will be hearing from my lawyer!

  2. It’s all true, but profiles, using didn’t numbers from the same person all of them wanting you to get a badge, in order to do so you have to leave your cc number,big mistake, I saw right thru it, once your cc number is there, that info is open to all who want to get at your account and steal your money. I personally can’t get around the fact that no woman in the real world acts this way in person. So these so called ” women” are nothing but a few people projecting a false inmage in your mind. How deceiving it is…every site is this way…fake as the day is can try to talk in person they won’t do it…therefore not giving up the person you can’t speak to a woman the way you can can say anything dirty to them or it or whom ever is there.they respond as if it’s normal to speak this way in real life.. Which should tell you something is ever hot and horny you may be…it ain’t real…none of it is…only in your mind…


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