is Fooling You With Online Cupids to Buy a Membership

Casual dating at the swipe of your finger would be a very convenient way of finding someone for one night stands. As much as online applications have made the sex lives easier and enriched, they have been misused by false adult dating companies and fake hookup sites to fool new users into submitting their credit cards for substantial payments of monthly subscriptions. belongs to the latter kind, so don’t expect too much here.


That is not an authentic site becomes instantly obvious. It will fall into the scope of your attention, just as you complete the registration form. However, this will only happen if you are used to looking small letters and to paying attention to what you are signing for when you are horny. the Online Cupids are mentioned on the landing page at the point when you provide personal details. The rest is also problematic and, once you know it, it will keep you away from this fake hookup app forever.

Why is a Fraudulent Hookup App

Let us understand more about the workings of and how they fool their customers.

Online Cupids Are False Profiles With No Real Chances for Date uses software to produce false profiles that imitate real women. Then it populates the member’s area with these fake profiles to create a resemblance to a real adult dating community. Although this is stated in the Terms and Conditions, members rarely notice this, as they go straight for chatting and arranging dates. You must be aware that you have no chance of meeting any of these “women”, regardless of the fact that you are sending messages and they are sending some, too:

Smash swipe online cupids

The Virtual Profiles on Send Automatic Texts Via Emal & Chat

The software not only creates profiles but also prepares messages in formats and applies them along with the fake women. As you can see, this is a full strategy, well developed to trick people into staying longer on the site and getting longer subscriptions:

Smash swipe computer-generated messages

No Privacy of The Communication in the Internal Messaging System

When you send internal messages to other users, you must be aware that they are treated as sent in the public space. Although you are using undisclosed communication, think of it like put on a forum or on a social media channel where anyone can see it:

smash swipe internal messaging

Third-party Links Mess up the Security on

As the usual practice on fake dating websites goes, they cooperate with partners, and not all of them are prim and proper. This is why does not take any responsibility for the partner companies:

smash swipe third-party links

Price Tag

  • Trial subscription renews for $39.95 a month
  • 1-month subscription of $34.95 renews for the same price
  • 6-month subscription of $69.95 renews for $29.95 a month.
  • 18-month subscription renews for $14.95 a month.

Busted or Trusted?

The Online Cupids and their computer-generated messages are a red flag for singling out fake hookup applications. In the case of, we have proven that you are dealing with inauthentic companies that don’t care about the casual sex life of its users. Offering only entertainment with no real promises of dating, this is one place where you won’t stay for long.

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  1. I logged in here for a couple of times and was taken straight to hell! I clicked some unknown link which I thought was related to a genuine product and couldn’t log off in any way or revert my card details.


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