Except for the Fake Messages, What Else is Fake on JustCougars.com?

Milf dating sites are excellent baits for users who like older ladies. They use oldest and dirtiest tricks to create fake websites and keep people coming back for more. We investigated JustCougars.com carefully because we are almost certainly right from the start that this is a fraudulent and false website. We were right. It didn’t take us long to understand everything that is on this site. Let’s see what features are on JustCougars.com.

Why is JustCougars.com a Fake Hookup Site

The fraudulent methods are classic. All three of them are at the top of our adult dating scam chart so that you can get to the grip of the scam. First, the fake profiles; second, the fake messages; and third, the open profile with the justification that it maximizes your chances to get laid on multiple websites. Let’s go one by one.

Your Profile is Made Open on Other Sites and Search Engines for “Maximum Benefit”

If you’re into the discreet dating and want to keep your privacy while browsing on online dating site, this site is not for you. You should avoid it at all cost. The problem is that the site is open to other profiles which come from other sites, searching for compatible members. The “Terms and Conditions” contain this provision, saying that your profile may show up in Google rankings and that you’re publicly available to anyone who searches for your name, your profile or for any keywords related to what’s on your profile.

No Guarantees of “Verified Profiles Only”

Although it’s true that no one can verify who joins online dating sites and what sort of users are there, genuine dating sites take some precautions to protect decent users from scammers and fraudsters. In general, they don’t welcome people who don’t have honest intentions. Yet this fraudulent dating site not only doesn’t use any protective measures but it also creates fake profiles on their own. In the site documents, they say they can’t give any guarantee of the absence of fake profiles, and that the purpose of the site is only for entertainment.

Icebreaker Messages to Get You Going to the Scam

How would the fake profiles reach out to users? Normally, by sending fake messages. The fake messages on JustCougars.com are named icebreakers. You know it sounds like a cool name with great communication prospects that can make these fake profiles send sexy chat messages to get you into the mood and disappear when you want to schedule the date. The only thing you will get from this type of conversation is the prompt to get an upgrade and pay many dollars to be able to view the pictures or continue with the conversation.

Price Tag

  • 1 month of subscription will cost you AUD52.00
  • 3 months of subscription will cost you AUD75.00
  • 6 months of subscription will cost you AUD105.24
  • 12 months of subscription will cost you AUD151.92

Busted or Trusted?

Among the plethora of dating sites with milfs and cougars, they’re very few that are real. The real jewels are just a few and can be counted on the fingers, maybe even on the fingers of one hand. That means you should be especially careful when searching dates. On this type of websites, it is almost 100% definite that you will turn out to be a fool. Things are no better on JustCougars.com. It’s better to avoid this site and search for your sex happiness somewhere else.

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