Bad Habits of Adult Dating and Why You Need to Quit

For a site that is called, you do need to have a fat wallet. This is one pricey site with regular subscription fees that go around 30% more than the average range on adult dating websites. You would assume that for a “thicker” price, you’d surely get a better deal, right? Well, your assumption is based on the right principles, but only if you think that everyone shares the same as you do. Since you are already in the world of adult dating, I assume that not everything is peachy and groovy in terms of honest intentions. And, while there is a fair share of websites that provide great services, is not the one.

The Authenticity of Fat Flirt

The critical moment that places in the company of fraudulent dating services is its affiliation with a network of partnering duplicate sites. So, while a first-time user may not be able to notice the likeness between the sites in the network, they can not escape the lens of my experienced patrol eye. I suggest that you take a tour around Hookup Cougar, Only Hookup, or Hookup Hangout reviews presented on this site and notice if you find anything familiar or similar to the content and the features on It is very obvious, now I have made you think a bit, right? Let us go into the deep together now and inspect a few more dishonest tactics of

Why is an Online Dating Scam

  • You will get paid activity alert notifications.

This site combines the computer-generated content, the automated messages, and the fabricated profiles in one annoying feature, and on top of everything, they make you pay for it!

So, let’s say you are taking your usual promising ride along with the site profiles, and notice a cute bunny sent you a sexy message. Don’t get too happy before you see what is behind this false message – an upgrade request. You don’t get these messages for free unless you pay more.

Fat Flirt activity alerts

  • You are used as a commodity – and here are the three main reasons why:

#1) The network will create duplicate profiles across all partner sites.

Your data from the profile will be replicated to make the site look more attractive and active, all under the guise that they are doing it for your own good – to increase your hookup chances.

#2) Your photos are transferred to for royalty-free distribution.

Are you thinking of becoming an adult model for a website? No? In that case, might not be the best place to join and try your luck. Your profile picture and other photos may be placed on any online space that is used by the company that manages

#3) You “donate” your contacts to

Not only our data but the data of the people you are in contact with can be used by the fraudulent company for email distribution and selling products and services.

And here is how that looks in the Terms and Conditions document on the site:

Fat Flirt duplicate profiles, contacts and 3

Price Tag

  • Three-day trial is $4.07
  • One-month subscription is $35.64
  • Three-month subscription is $59.79
  • 6-month subscription is $93.86

Busted or Trusted

If you are into big and beautiful girls, why don’t you try your luck at some of the other dating sites for free spirits? For example, have you thought of finding a date in a weed-friendly place such as

It makes dating super-easy and it involves all types of people. Big and beautiful may not be my number one cup of tea, but I have a friend who scored hot on this dating site. On the other hand, my luck on was disastrous, so I asked that friend for help thinking that it is up to me. Hey, anyone can fail from time to time, but yet again, this time I was not responsible. I doubt anyone can have much luck with

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