Why You Should Forget About Finding a Sex Date on HookupHangout.com

Sometimes, illegitimate dating services don’t say that they use virtual profiles like cupids or stars in their regulations in that much detail, but they still find a way to enrich the site by using fake images, such as the example with HookupHangout.com. This place is not the ultimate rip-off because it provides some services for free, but they are still not enough for productive casual sex encounters. Most of the services are very limited and you need to upgrade to be able to use the full deal. Let’s find out what are your chances of hooking up with someone on this hangout.

Is HookupHangout Authentic? Find Out!

The opening screen looks very decent, and the offer even more so, so that a user may think that there is really plenty of material for fun and exploration. However, the problems start to creep in once you are registered, so not everything is so shiny and free. Here is what HookupHangout.com claims to include in the package:

  • Checking accuracy of the user information to collect beautiful women
  • Message security limited to yourself and the chat partner
  • Claims to be one of the top “completely free” hookup sites
  • The possibility to find a perfect sex partner quickly
  • Real singles who want to engage an online meetup
  • Great user feedback & spam control
  • Improvement of the services and the products
  • Contact with the website’s team 24/7

Although it looks like a real offer, you will quickly notice there are not any specifics but empty words and sentences just for marketing. On top of everything, the site is not really free, and it uses fake pictures.

Why is HookupHangout.com a Fake Dating Site

  • You must agree to have your profile available for public searches.

So, let’s imagine you try to keep your privacy intact and your encounters discreet. As far as I know, almost everyone likes to keep their online hookups a private matter. You can forget about that possibility with the privacy on HookupHangout.com because your profile is available for public searches – just look at the quote below:

Your profile and its contents may be searchable by, and you may be able to search for the profiles and their contents of members registered to other websites operated and powered by us, for example, co-branded or privately labeled. Your profile and its contents may be searchable by third-party search engines, for example Google, MSN, etc.

  • You will get commercial messages through the automated icebreaker system.

There is no way to get rid of these automated messages – you must get “entertained” by icebreakers – software-generated content that is used to keep the site busy and cajole new users into frequent activity and upgrades. This is an excerpt from the site legal documents:

To improve your chances of success wvw.hookuphangout.com provides you with a free icebreaker messaging service. This feature ensures your profile gets maximum visibility as your matches are automatically sent a personal icebreaker message on your behalf.

  • HookupHangout.com includes fake images of members.

Just as I signed in and started liking and flirting with profiles as suggested by the site, I decided to check the authenticity of the profiles – I wanted to perform, sort of, a personal verification. Needless to say, the image search failed to provide authentic results. In fact, I found the fake image on several other websites for stock photos in various dimensions:

#1 – Fake Image Google Reverse Search Query

Hookup Hangout reverse search query

#2 – Fake Image Google Reverse Search Result

Hookup Hangout reverse search result

  • The site tries to upsell exclusive services.

As you can see, once you get to the screen for selecting one of the paid packages, it becomes clear that you are dealing with a false free offer, because you actually need to buy priority listings, webcam services and advanced chat options:

Hookup Hangout full services

Price Tag

  • 1-month membership is $24.99 per month
  • 3-month membership is $19.99 per month
  • 6-month membership is $14.99 per month

Busted or Trusted

This time, I will leave the final verdict to our users. Personally, I would never join HookupHangout.com, having in mind that its user privacy is zero. Even if I am single and don’t have to keeitti discreet and safe, I hate when I find my personal details all over the web. Not only it decreases my hookup chances making me look too available, but it also puts me into danger of having my identity stolen. No – thank you!

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Forget About Finding a Sex Date on HookupHangout.com”

  1. This thingy with the reverse search works wonders! Remind me to use it on all other services, you should too. Keep up the good work!

  2. I just joined Hookup Hangout  (HH) yesterday……Im a pretty good looking 45 year old man & have very good writing skills…..

    I have been a member for 36 hours or so… I do not work for HH or any dating website…. I posted 5 photos of myself dressed on HH, in a bathing suit, bare chested, exercising, but no nudity…

    The interface is primitive & defective…..Photos are very small……You do not know who you sent messages to, unless you go back into the sent box & it won’t be easy…….Same problem for letters received……Even messages you actually sent, will not be found there…………. You will wind up sending messages to the same people…….You will think you have sent messages, but they were not sent….They do not register as sent……

    My Inbox on Friday morning says that I have 85 letters……When i became a paid member, after using my credit card, I had 150………Where did the other 75 letters go?

    If you do a trial membership, you will not be able to perceive how defective the interface, inboxes, outboxes & search engines are….

    You will not know who you received messages from, either,  unless it was very recent……You will not know if your messages were read….. You will not be able to  do a search in your sent & received messages, like you can do on Gmail or yahoo email…..There are very few search engines………EVERYTHING is defective or malfunctioning on this website…..

    The owners of this website have spent ZERO money in upgrading & modernizing the interface & website…….It is not user friendly………..FREE dating websites, such as Plenty of Fish or OK Cupid,  use interfaces & communication methods that are 10x better…..

    There are practically ZERO active members…….I did a search for MEN who were online in the last 24 hours FOR THE ENTIRE USA, between Wednesday at 10;30pm & Thursday, October 4th at 10:30pm………There were THREE men!

    NOBODY comes online….

    There are VERY few photos & VERY few profiles…….Almost everybody is anonymous.

    I have received 100s of letters in my inbox…….They are mostly from Europe……Women winking at me, wanting my skype or email address………..

    I have not received 1 letter that i suspect is legitimate or personal……Everything is automated or copy & paste….

    They are all copy & paste scams or robots…….

    HH also claims that if you pay extra on top of the GOLD membership, you will then be able to contact non paying members…………This is a lie, and HH staff have admitted this to me when i questioned them about it on the phone……

    Do NOT give your credit card information to this company…..

    …It won’t matter whether you are gorgeous or ugly, young or old….HH is a 100% scam website

    I have already written 100s of members & received 100s of responses in my mailbox..Based on my 36 hour experience, the entire website is a non existent scam.

    I do not have 1 SINGLE good thing to say about this website…….Everything is defective or non existent……

    How any person could give this website more than 1 star is SHOCKING to me… Beware, those are not legitimate reviews, they are planted by the HH company, all over the internet.….

    I have been a member now for 5 days, and I will not be visiting HH anymore, even though I paid $30 and have 25 days left on my membership……..It is that bad…

    The members are scammers or non existent BOTs, and the reviews pervading the internet are scams also…….

    HH’s own search engine found only 100 females & THREE MALES, who had been online, in the ENTIRE USA, between Friday nite at 10:55 & Saturday at 10:55, October 6th, 2018…… 1 female in the entire state of Arkansas who had visited, 15 in all of Texas!……Only ! MALE with a photo, in the ENTIRE USA, visited the website in the last 24 hours!…And HH may be exaggerating or lying….

    If you have any doubts, you can call me at 312 877 9359…..My name is Daniel & I live in Arkansas, USA…Im not a scam & am real……..Im paid thru October 31st, unfortunately……

    I lost $30, but if I can save somebody else from losing $30, Its worth it & Im happy……..

    HH does terrific damage to the entire online dating site community & destroys people trust in dating online……….

  3. Can safely say that this site gets better as you go on. First month I was ready to give up but then 2nd things really started to happen for me. I think it just takes time to get going as just because there are real chicks on the site it doesnt mean they will all reply to you. So you have to send so many messages before you start to get a few chats going that lead somewhere. Im in 3rd month now and got laid last weekend (hence me writing the review – least I could do) & sooooo glad I didnt give up early!


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