Adult Dating Scam With Convoluted Subscription Rates

For sure, it sounds nice to have some real help handed by experts in the adult dating field. Anyone would like to make it a success, get laid with as least effort as possible and score as many hot sex dates as possible. Are the people behind credible professional that can be trusted to help you with this effort to get laid? We doubt so. We have discovered they are related to more fraudulent hookup sites that use similar illegitimate techniques, including bogus user profiles.


For the purposes of genuine features, the first warning sign comes from the company that created As you can notice below, is produced by Nelfor Services, a company we have previously linked with Bulova Network, due to the similarities in the interface and the rest of the features. When companies with multiple websites are alike, we can not guarantee a 100% percent identity link, but it seems so that they do have at least some connection. A short tour of both supports the claim.

Bang Experts Nelfort services

Both companies typically state confusing membership rates.

Why is a Deceptive Hookup Site

To ease the communication for its members, created a system of custom messages. Members can use them for moments of lack of inspiration to start a sexy chat with other potential hookup prospects. Keep in mind that they reserve the right to monitor and change the messages sent via this device. The reason? Security. Well, security can land you in the land of trouble when your message is altered in a way you didn’t intend to:

Beware of the iTunes Fees

If you think that you had only one subscription to handle and manage, think again. included a cautionary measure in their Terms and Conditions that will raise the hairs on your head – payments via iTunes. Even if you had been aware of the higher added rates you needed to pay for false hookup apps, this may be way over your budget:

Keep an Eye of Fabricated Staff Profiles

Last but not least, lest we do not forget the virtual profiles which are only crowd-makers. This adult dating site looks over-populated with girls only because they are fake. uses the same strategy for all of them. As a bonus point, they tell you if you are having a hookup business with a fabricated staff profile. We are not sure if this is a real bonus in a member’s area full of fake photos and profiles.

Price Tag

(Red Alert: Subscription rates published in the Terms and Conditions may be different from those on the payment page)

  • $4.47 to get a 3-day trial version
  • $34.99 to get a 1-month subscription
  • $59.97 to get a 3-month subscription
  • $95.94 to get a 6-month subscription

Busted or Trusted?

By all means, keep as far as possible of getting a subscription on When you encounter a site similar to this one by its design, use it with caution. Even better – the first thing to look for and investigate in such situation is the parent company. If you see the names Nelfor or Bulova, you can be almost certain that you are making a mistake.

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