Why Are We Concerned About the Security of EbonyFlirt.com (And Why You Should Be, Too!)

EbonyFlirts.com is just another dating scam with the typical methods of ripping off innocent customers. However, there is one other aspect that is pretty concerning on EbonyFlirts.com – security. The security that I talking about this time is about bot facets of security that include communication with others, and those that include privacy settings for your data. Of course, could we do anything without the automated messages sent from fake profiles?

Is EbonyFlirt Trustworthy?

Just the other day, we here at Adult Dating Patrol couldn’t find the end of the game with another alternative of the same fraud by Together Networks, and now we have to review almost an identical package with just a few differences. It looks like there is no much work to do here – but still, I don’t like leaving the job half-finished without presenting some sort of proof for those that read these reviews for a short time. So, let’s start with a snapshot of the company information, the same business associated with several other adult dating websites. It is not like they hide the fact,  but rather include it in the offer as a  benefit, disregarding the lack of security and safety of multiple profiles and data sharing:

EbonyFlirt company

Why is EbonyFlirt.com a Dating Site With Low Security

Let’s go one by one and have a look at each of these worrying aspects that can endanger your security:

  • You must be careful when you log in via social media. 

If you are a frequent user of social media, you might not need a constant reminder about the information you are sharing whenever you log in from another service. However, giving permissions has become so automatic that we forget that we are sometimes dealing with dishonest providers that work with multiple third-party agents over whom they don’t have too much control. This is why I would like to emphasize the strict control you should have over the sharing of info on EbonyFlirts.com. Be responsible when no one else is!

  • You must be vigilant how you share your location on the site and on other location-sharing sites. 

Did you know that EbonyFlirts.com uses several info collection systems that can be used to collect your whereabouts? With the justification to improve your hookup chances and bring you closer to a dating prospect, EbonyFlirts.com will get into your device features, email accounts, IP address, Foursquare locations, and so on, to get as many details about you, and later use it to sell you new products and services:

EbonyFlirt security concerns

  • You need to pay separately for SMS services.

The SMS program does not come under the main subscription. If you want to use it, you must buy it additionally, and then take care to read separate provisions about returns, refunds, costs, rules etc. As you can see, this is just another method for ripping you off by trying to sell you something that you can get for free on the regular  mobile contract:

Ebony Flirts paid services SMS

  • You must be selective about sharing contacts.

At the end, a concerning aspect of security is the use of your contacts that you provide to the site – they will be used in a similar way your info is used. If you ask me, this is a pretty disturbing way of people’s privacy. It can lead to getting a few friends turn into foes if they discover that you’ve sold them to an adult services provider. Not to mention the issues that may arise if some of them are not ready to be blunt about their privacy, but would rather be – quite discreet:

Ebony Flirts info collection contacts

Price Tag

Don’t forget about the additional “discount” provided by Together Networks when you try to leave the site – giving you additional 30% off on the so-called free subscription. Still, here is the initial cost of the subscription packages:

  • $4.47 is the cost for a three-day trial subscription
  • $34.99 is the cost for the monthly subscription
  • $59.96 is the cost for the three-monthly subscription
  • $95.94 is the cost for six-monthly subscription

Busted or Trusted

This time we devoted most of the review to the security aspects of EbonyFlirts.com. This doesn’t mean that all other facets are clean and fair. On the contrary, you will still have to deal with fake profiles, automated messages and repetitive content and profiles that show on a list of partner companies. Overall – not the best place for ensuring hot sex dates with black cuties, rather – a pretty risky service with standard fraudulent methods and a few privacy invasion shortcuts.

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