Our Not-So-Fantastic Experience with Flyrts.com Unveils Fraudulent Upgrade Methods

Although not offering too much, at first sight, Flyrts.com seems to promise a quick sign process which is available on the first screen. Moreover, it seems that you can log in with your Facebook profile. What else can a person ask for when everything is that simple? What looks so simple and easy it doesn’t turn out to continue in the same manner.

We have already seen the fraudulent methods for cajoling new customers applied by the Nautell network. We are not that surprised to find yet another scam with an exciting name. Let’s see what is same and what is different from the other sites in the network.

Authenticity of Flyrts (Non-Existent)

Don’t expect big surprises at Flyrts.com, apart from the regular scams as noticed before on partnering sites. The site is organized to invite you into signing up, getting your credit card details and luring you into an upgrade. They execute this process by constantly bombing you with fake chat messages, advertisements for upgrades and alleged extra gains if you go for one of the advanced packages, such as the gold or the VIP memberships.

You should also note that your data gets shared within the network and that you may discover your profile details at another place. This is not only inconvenient for managing your profile or data privacy, but can also cause you troubles if you want to stay discreet and meet one group of people on one of the sites and another group on another site.

Why is Flyrts.com a Fraudulent Dating Site

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that although Flyrts.com promises free site use, it doesn’t provide anything for free.

  • Flyrts.com will ask you for credit card details immediately after signup.

You must provide credit card details for the purposes of account verification or you can go on to browse for free. That is the moment when the scam becomes obvious. You will not be able to be active, send messages, invites or view profiles without it. It is necessary to select one of the packages or you are out. They are very conveniently marked with checked boxes. Unless you notice that, you will get an auto-upgrade just as you give card details:

Flyrts immediate upgrade

You will need to put up with constant ads for upgrades.

This option is available from the sidebar, as well as from the bottom bar. Thinking that you are ready to score, you will not be so happy when you find out that you must complete your profile. That is connected to an upgrade – so, there you go!

Flyrts upgrade of services

  • Flyrts.com is managing customers with Love Stars – fabricated profiles.

Love Stars are fake computer-created persons, although they can be real persons, too. Regardless of the way they are created, they still send fake chat messages and engage users into further activity:

Flyrts love stars

For example, it was impossible to return the chat messages of this hottie (assuming she is not a virtual profile) unless we completed the profile:

Flyrt chat messages

  • Flyrts.com has limited privacy restrictions.

Here is a screenshot from the site policy that explains the rules of private data sharing: Flyrts user information and third party

And here is the explanation related to third-party sharing: The Site is not responsible or liable for the use of any information that a Member, visitor or User may provide, or that is gathered by third-party websites that have banner ads or links on the Site. This Site does not control, monitor or endorse the information gathering practices or Privacy Policies of any of those third-party websites, and those third-party websites may have different privacy policies than this Site. Whenever applicable, each Member, visitor or User should seek to read the Privacy Policy of any third-party website provider that has an advertising banner, advertises or has a link on the Site.”

Price Tag

  • VIP Membership includes a 2-day trial to Flyrts.com-GOLD membership renewing to $49.95 a month unless canceled. 
  • Advanced Upgrades –  Mobile Access + Featured Profile: 2-day trial for $1.96, renewing to $39.61 a month unless canceled
  • WealthyMatch.com: 3-week trial, which renews for $28.87 a month unless canceled

Busted or Trusted

Flyrts.com was busted even before we did the review. Beware of the easy signup process and keep an eye on the information you are sharing via your FB signup. You know how annoying applications with access can be when you sign in via the social platform and give them authorization. Your FB profile includes also pictures and interests and is particularly vulnerable to threats. We’d recommend keeping your credit card close to your chest.

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  1. It didn’t take me long to catch this scam. I’ve been around long enough to recognize a rotten apple when I see one. Thanks anyways guys!


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