Why You Should Forget About Registering for XXXHookups.com

XXXHookups.com will fake its members, their pictures and the costs of the memberships. It is very risky to hope for something more than a fake rip-off on this sexy-looking but fake as hell dating application. The registration is so simple probably because it will set you up for good with the triple charge for one month. Explore the text below to find out more about why you should forget about XXXHookups.com and look for great hookups somewhere else.


Let us see how the scam starts and how simple it is to pull off a trick online. When horny users start browsing for good looking girls, sometimes it only takes a pair of nice eyes to seduce them into spending a huge amount of money. This is the second step of the scam. The first starts with the thrown bait for free memberships and promises of no-fakers. But – that is valid only for the opening page. Later, as you will soon find out on XXXHookups.com you are not going to have any fun on-site but you will have a great headache off-site.

Why is XXXHookups.com a Non-Legit Hookup Site

The scam is a classic, involving deceptive methods with combined fake profiles and credit card charges. But – let’s go step-by-step to uncover what is that all about.

Your Profile is Searchable By the Affiliates and Search Engines

Forget about keeping your privacy under the wraps when you join XXXHookups.com. It will all be up for public display if you show your face and your personal details. Whatever you upload is automatically available on the affiliate websites and will be provided as content on search engines, so – no intimacy and discreet encounters!

Online Intermediaries Work to Cajole New Users

The fabricated profiles are called intermediaries because they “intermediate” between you and everyone else on the site. Normally, they are fake chatbots, staff or come from outsourced companies, but they all share the same goal – they act as members to entertain users and make them keep on the site longer.

The Online Intermediaries Send Fake Chat Messages

If you join, you instantly agree to get into the messy communication with the fake girls. They are incredibly annoying and dangerous. if you think that they care about your wishes to get laid, stop telling yourself stories! They care only about selling you as much as they can and fooling you into believing that they are real. That’s when you fall into the trap and get ripped-off.

You Get Content From the Site and From Third-Party Contractors

As the mess gets bigger, so does the scam get bigger! A whole army of online intermediaries, bots, staff, partners, affiliate websites and companies is plotting against the users in a scheme for taking their money off! If you are a new user, and you have agreed to the registration terms, you will be enmeshed in this web of scams and have a hard time getting out of it without high costs to your budget and possibly your reputation.

Price Tag

  • $49.95 per month to the basis VIP membership.
  • $39.95 per month for the second website
  • $29.95 per month for the third adult content website

Busted or Trusted?

XXXHookups.com is more a site for selling adult content than for real hookups. Even the name tells that! But, when members are too into the wish to find someone to get laid as soon as possible, they don’t look into fake dating sites in that many details! Then, it is no one’s fault but theirs to get out of the overspending mess!

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