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There is the famous movie “Cruel Intentions” with Reese Witherspoon where she gets framed and tricked by a very condescending couple. They play nasty sex games with her, but she ends up the winner in the end. If you want to be the winner in the battle with, serve them the justice by reading this comprehensive guide for fraudulent hookup sites.

Why Casual Intentions is a Scam

Most bogus sex dating sites charge basic subscriptions. Some put credits on top of the standard charge.  Real scam experts like will sell you something more – virtual gifts! There is no way to stop fake services when they put their mind to something. Unquestionably, has decided to go a long way to get as much easy money from poor novice members of this adult dating website.

Why is a Scam for Adult Personals

When we classify the reviews into the commercial adult dating categories, we typically have in mind that they charge for the services. They will not let you run for free. Now, this is a totally different business we see here.

Free Subscriptions Are Just a Bait for Registration

You need to buy the basic package as well as the extra credits to send messages. This is a quote from the ToU:

Although you may register as a member of the Service for free, if you wish to communicate with other members and use certain other parts of the Service, you must become a subscriber and pay the fees that are set out in the price list located within the Site. This price list is part of your contract with us. Your agreement to subscribe for any additional features shall be referred to herein as your “Subscription”.’s Unsafe Facebook Signups May Mess Up Your Privacy

You are probably aware of the dangers of using your FB account for registration on various hookup apps. All those nasty viruses lurking in the background of Facebook show up from malware infected adult dating sites – you’ve been warned!

Casual Intentions FB account

Coupon Promos Can End Up in a Jackpot for

It is really painful when you get a promo only to be set up for the full rate later. you may even end up without the original discount:

If you qualify for any special offer or promotion then the value of any special offer or promotion will be deducted from the cost of membership for the initial Subscription period. Offer codes can only be used when paying online with a credit or debit card. When such offer or promotion expires, the standard rate will apply to any subsequent automatic payments. Sells Bogus Extra Services

Credits are charged for messaging and for purchasing virtual gifts:

Casual Intentions credits

The Site offers opportunities to purchase various additional services such as sending virtual gifts (“Extras”). These Extras may be purchased for you or as a gift for another member. Will Share Your Data With Partner Websites

Don’t be surprised if you find your profile data on other hookup sites associated with Causal Intentions. Someone that you have no idea is stalking your profile can send a message, although you won’t be able to find the person in the member area:

Casual Intentions other websites

Price Tag

  • $1.95 for a 3 day trial to this site.
  • $29.95 for a 1 month paid membership
  • $69.00 for a 3 month paid membership 

Busted or Trusted?

Setting an intention will not be sufficient for dealing with the fraudsters of You must have a solid-proof action plan for staying away. The best strategy will be avoiding it altogether. If you fail in this, do let us know what happened in the comments.

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