When Dating Pros Run Into Problems With Friend Finder Network, This Is What They Do

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From time to time we need to review long-standing dating sites which have a reputation in the dating industry and are on the market for a while, but still fail to provide to their users what they claim they provide. The FriendFinderNetwork.com is a well-known “buddy” for dating pros or, maybe it is better that I call it a foe than a friend because it has been scamming people who look for casual friends for quite some time now as part of the FFN, a bunch of sites that uses the same tactics with electronic communications, various subscription fees and limited liability to get new Gold and Silver members.

How would you handle your way around Friend Finder, if you were and adult dating pro?


Here is the best route to take to help yourself stay out of trouble and avoid getting ripped off. Follow our quick investigation checklist for FriendFinderNetwork.com and you will be able to apply it not only in the FFN, but also on other fraudulent services that use similar scammy methods.

The worst problem you may encounter on Friend Finder is related to the site limited accountability about anything that happens in terms of interaction between users, as well as about business with third parties and ownership of content. There are also limits to the rights you get from paying for a lower-level subscription of which you may not be fully aware of.

Why is FriendFinderNetwork.com a False Dating Site

There is really no great or complicated philosophy attached to the scammy works of FriendFinder Network.com.

  • Electronic communications by the site.

Normally, when you join a site, you would agree to receive some email from the site, but here the electronic communication can be taken to a whole new level you may not agree to. FriendFinderNetwork.com will send promotional campaigns, ads and other stuff for commercial purposes, but also any type of electronic communication by staff members for the purposes of marketing. This provision is in the Terms of Use, and if you register, you should assume that you have said yes to the site rules and regulations and that you agree to be a subject to all types of email pestering for the purposes of upgrade extortion.

Friend Finder network electronic communications

  • Subscription fees are distributed in several categories.

If you are looking into actually paying the upgrade, take care to check what is included in the subscription. There are Gold and Silver packages, and you may not be aware that you get restrictions to your gains from the package. Limited packages typically have fewer messages. That, however, is not the biggest problem in terms of various subscription fees. I am referring here to the unforeseen, hidden and unknown costs that may be related to transactions and currency exchange fro example. These costs are placed on the back of the customer and that is explicitly explained in the Terms of Use. Unfortunately, what is not so explicitly explained is why it is all put into the hands of the customers. But it is, and that may create a whole bunch of new troubles further down the line when higher fees crop up on your bank statement.

Friend Finder network subscription fees

  • No third-party liability for the site services

Albeit I believe that many of you are careful when it comes to clicking suspicious links on the Internet, the real issues show up when the links do not look that suspicious, they look genuine and you are in a highly charged mood to get laid. Do you agree that, regardless of your browsing skills, you can easily fall prey to phishing or hacking when there is a hot girl on the link? Perhaps this has happened to you in the past, and now you want to avoid the embarrassment that goes along, but even more – you want to keep your personal data protected and your credit card safe from phishing attacks. The best practice on the FriendFinderNetwork.com in this respect is prevention – better be safe than sorry I say. This means that you should either avoid the site in full or really open your eyes when browsing via third-party links on Friend Finder.

Friend Finder network third parties

Price Tag

Silver package

  • $22.94 for a monthly subscription
  • $39.94 for 3 months of subscription
  • $99.94 for 12 months of subscription

Gold package

  • $34.94 for a monthly subscription
  • $59.94 for 3 months of subscription
  • $139.94 for 12 months of subscription

Busted or Trusted

In an ocean of good adult dating sites, do you really want to create more problems for you and play games while testing false services like FriendFinderNetwork.com and its subsidiaries in the FFN network? I myself must admit that I am prone to risk and have suffered the nasty consequences of online dating scams more than once. But that is exactly what made me into who I am today, brought together the team at Adult Dating Patrol and started sharing the results from the investigation to help others. You know what they say – the best lessons come from experience – other people’s preferably. So, what do I do when I ran into problems with one of the FFN sites? I take it on full frontal and expose it to the ADP followers sp that they avoid getting into them. The next step is up to you.

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