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With a site title like that, it is difficult to say no to this offer, at least to check it out. After all, a name like seems to contain exactly the right ingredients any member of the adult dating community would like to see on a dating website. It didn;t take me long to see that there won’t be any meeting or any banging that is going to happen now or later. Can you believe that I have come across another Nautell site? Their repetitive scam is endless!

MeetBangNow Is Suspect For Sure

Do you know that they use a small print to charge over a hundred dollars per month? In the amazing offer they guide you with a cute sexy girl that is very relaxed to put her credit card details in order to get some sort of first-class services, which, believe it or not, are on the following list at

  • “Live Chat Instant Messenger”
  • “View & Upload Unlimited Pics”
  • “Send & Receive E-mails”
  • “Featured Profile Highlighting”
  • “Top Search Results Placement”
  • “Smart Match Detection”

Obviously, nothing special that any other dating site wouldn’t offer for free, but when you put it in a special package it may look much more valuable than it actually is. And the scam doesn’t even end there – it goes on in spades with bonus charges which are explained in the following section.

Why is a Fake Dating Website

  • You need to sign in and agree to Love Stars

All it takes is just a simple ‘I agree’ click on the fake women serve only for entertainment purposes and that you don’t have a chance to meet one in person.

Meetbangnow love stars

  • You are offered to join for free and you are not getting anything.

Unless you are lost looking for cover from the dishonest traps, you might remember that promises free membership. What I’ve come to uncover is that you will not see an “F” from a free membership on MeetBangNow. Sure, you do join for free, and even in that case, you are required to fill in some fields with your data and your email address, by which point you are actually the site’s property. And, please don’t fall for the ‘age verification’ scam with the credit card, especially if you are not someone who pays attention to details, because –

meetbangnow first screen

  • This is the actual look of the full costs.

Free registration? No way. If you rush in the offer package cajoled by the sexy brunette on the side, you are getting into a top-class mess which will cost you no less than 100$ a month, namely including premium services and xxx movie content. Is this what you bargained for? I don’t think so! Consequently, if you notice a weird charge abbreviation on your bank statement like the one noted on this screenshot, you can be sure that you have been taken for an expensive rip-off ride:

meetbangnow second screen

  • Your personal information is used for various purposes.

Are you aware that you are agreeing to the following? Do you want your personal details to be tossed and turned like a pancake in Disneyland? If you don’t be careful how much you expose yourself when you sign up for a “free” membership:

“ By the use of the Site or its services, the Member, visitor or User expressly agrees that the Site may use any information that it gathers or collects about the Member, visitor or User including personal information that has been provided by the Member, visitor or User for technical, administration, research and development, customer administration, age verification, marketing, promotional and advertising use and for the transmission of email communications, the sending of products or the fulfilling of any terms and conditions; and furthermore that the Site may disclose or provide such personal information to its affiliates, agents and service providers that provide goods and services, for purposes of providing such goods and services.”

Price Tag

  • 2-day free trial for the basic membership renewing for $49.95 a month
  • 2-day free trial Mobile access & featured profile for $39.61
  • 3-week free trial to Video Erotic renewing for $28.87

Busted or Trusted?

Thanks to my detailed guide for top-notch inspections I unveiled a number of fake services behind the offer of

I wouldn’t trust these con agents with my worst enemies, let alone with my own dollars. If you want someone to get ripped off, just send them to sign up for membership on Instead of finding you a quick date, this site will try to get as much money from you as possible, offering you useless products and information, and a very insidious scam that targets your credit card without a pardon. Skip, run, now!

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