Here’s What People Are Saying About is just a Nautell network site and if you haven’t seen one of their websites or read one of our reviews related to them, then welcome to your first one. They use fictitious profiles, and not only they do not provide free services, but they also charge you extra for their additional services without warning by setting you up for pre-checked boxes. Six million members? I highly doubt it. But, virtual profiles can come handy and they can for sure mount up to millions when they are created by a software – so don’t fall for free year guarantee because you are not getting a membership for free on

Authenticity of Meet Bang Site opens up with a small survey at the beginning which is asking you some simple questions about whether you qualify for the site. Questions include information about your age, your age dating preferences, your affinity for discreet encounters and the guarantee to keep things private. However, I don’t think that this survey is real because regardless of the answers I gave, I got in. It is just a trick for luring people in by creating a sense of exclusive membership and by offering “special” deals in the premium membership (which are free in other providers):

  • Live instant messaging
  • Upload and view an unlimited number of photos
  • E-mail service
  • Featured profiles
  • Show up in top search results
  • Smart match filters for hookups

By the way, all subscriptions are the premium because you can’t communicate at all as a free guest.

Why is Yet Another Dating Scam

I would like to explain a bit more about the dating process on First and foremost, the site uses Love Stars. These stars are fictive persons made intentionally to resemble real users, typically accompanied by a sexy girl photo and they are all over the place. In fact, they come along the site documents and you will be able to notice them if you read the small print when signing up for pages. In case you miss them at the start, you can always read more about their task later in the documents, but you should be aware that there is no real chance of a date with them – their only and sole responsibility is to cross you for a premium upgrade:

Meetbang love stars

  • scams you with free access.

Just to create a sense of urgency they play mind tricks with you and leave a time-ticker to prompt you to register as soon as possible. But, trust me, there is no need to hurry since the free membership is non-existent – you must pay, but you only get to know that after you register, provide your details and create a profile – and by then you are already a cooked bacon with your data privacy. Just look at the screen below  – they say that the like to prevent fake sign ups while using false profiles on their side:

meetbang free access

Price Tag

And here we come to the truth behind the scam, you must provide a credit card to authorize your subscription and, by the way, did you notice that you are actually paying for added services? Here is the package for the full deal:

  • $49.95 for monthly subscription to main service
  • $39.61 for monthly subscription to VIP video services
  • $28.87 for monthly subscription to VIP Video Erotic

Meetbang fees

Busted or Trusted?

Be extremely vigilant when you provide your credit card details to adult dating services because you never know what may happen to them. For example, here you will get totally ripped off. On another note, good providers offer some sort of guarantee for your payment, decent payment partners and friendly refund policies. Just a thought to keep in mind when you are bookmarking sites in your browser!

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  1. maybe you can direct me and others to a legit adult sex-dating site? Not sure which ones to trust anymore. There used to be SexSearch and AdultFriendFinder which through experience I found them to be legit but nowadays seems all they entice users to do is upgrade. Any reputable sites you know of?


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