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As long as you don’t give all your trust to adult dating sites, you’ll be fine. And if you haven’t seen Utopia Guide, you have seen nothing! These guys are so nasty that they make you pay for their site and then mock you for that! You should just visit one of the most popular forum threads to see how they laugh in your face for your mistakes.

Utopia Guide: The Make-Believe Escort Site for Patsies

They keep repeating that it’s your fault to be so stupid and that it’s up to you to see what you post and where you post it. No problem, Utopia Guide, I’ll let people know what you’re up to and help them stop feeling “so stupid” again. Let’s see why this will be the case of: “He who laughs last, laughs best.”

Bogus Message Numbers

Utopia Guide paid sex

There was this one member with the nickname “Just Looking” who seems to be one of the most popular with most likes and messages. But that was only on her profile! Her profile stated that she has over 25,000 messages. However, once I got in, I saw she has none! Nada! My further investigation revealed that most of the profiles are fake, empty or inactive.

No Ads Posting

Utopia Guide no ad posting

This is another BS warning by Utopia Guide that flashes from the screen wherever you turn. Site moderators won’t stop spitting about the site rules – “No ads posting”, blah-blah, and so forth. Okay, we get it, we know that you want to make money out of ads and that’s the sole purpose of existence of Utopia Guide, nothing else!

Paid Sessions on Utopia Guide

This one really made me kick Utopia Guide to the curb. This fake escort site blatantly claims that members can pay for sex as long as they want to and they encourage paid sessions. Sure, people can do whatever they want with their money as long as it’s legal, but did you come to this escort service to hire hookers? Probably not – you thought this was a legit dating site. Well, let me remove the veil from your eyes – it’s a treacherous site with hundreds of fraudulent links.

Inactive Members since 2006

Utopia Guide inactive members

Please remind me what year are we now in. It’s 2018, right? So, what should I do with a gang of members that have registered and left Utopia Guide long ago? Oh, wait a minute – let me correct myself – left the site well over a decade ago? Something else is fishy here. The site seems to be pretty new – so how come there are so many old members? Sounds totally fake to me!

Bunch of Hustling Links

One guy tells a story about visiting a massage parlor and how he got a massage and everything else. He also gives the prices for the service and a bit more details about what took place. Utopia Guide contains dozens of similar stories coming from different threads. This just confirms my suspicions that it’s only a hustling site with no chances for casual hookups that will land you a nice night of free sex.

If you tried your luck on Utopia Guide, it’s time to skip town. I don’t think you’ve had much success. Unless you really want to get into a hot mess with incognito brothels and other questionable stuff like that, find your dates on Fling, Instabang or Snapsext.com.

Infographic: Utopia Guide Review: The Make-Believe Escort Site for Patsies

Infographic Utopia Guide Review

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