The Fraud: The Worst and Weirdest Facts About How They Operate

I don’t even want to ask if you are up for sex because chances are that if you are reading this, you are probably very much up for it, now and a lot of it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have read the reviews on Adult Dating Patrol to find out whether you are searching for sex dates at the right place. is not such a place. Actually, if you go and read the feedback I prepared for Up For It, you will find similarities not only in the title but also in the scam. Now, doesn’t that tell you something? Reviews – Authenticity Check

The obligations you have to keep track of when you join are that many that you may feel like you are dealing with army, camp or prison requirements, and not with a dating community which should keep things nice and easygoing for members. I will list the duties you have as a member just to point out how much you need to open your eyes:

  • Read, monitor and open emails every day
  • Check the Terms of Service link frequently to see if any changes have been made
  • Read all provisions of the agreement and adhere to it at all times.
  • Act in line with all laws  – national, state or provincial, and local
  • Accept sole and exclusive liability for the consequences of your behavior
  • Keep your password safe and don’t share it (not even your spouse  – what a weird provision!)
  • You can’t share your membership, nor sell, assign, lease, give, rent, or transfer your membership
  • Collaborate with the site in any reasonable investigation that may concern the use of the Services
  • Agree to all types of public comments.

Why is an Online Dating Scam

  • There is no FREE membership on

They explain this notion in the site documents but if you don’t read well, you will miss noticing a critical fact about the fees that can later cost you hundreds of dollars. Before they tell you that you don’t get anything with your free registration (apart from giving your data to them for free) you will learn that there are also premium memberships but the fees about them are so confusing that you can fall into the renewal trap in a jiffy.

Up For Sex premium membership

What is the renewal trap?

Well, once you provide your credit card, basically you agree to have your membership renewed next time the moment comes. However, what you may skip noticing is that the charge, the discount and the length of the membership may change. So, even if you have agreed to monthly renewal, by changing other factors, the fees can go up and no one will be there to tell you. Here is an explanation of that fact taken from the site regulations:

We may change the categories of Premium Membership over time in ways that may affect the duration of Regular Membership Subscription Period, the Normal Rate, and the particular services which are provided for category, just as any other term in this Agreement may be changed in conformity with the provisions of Section A of this Agreement. The cost of your Premium Membership will not be increased nor the Services provided to you categorically decreased so as to become effective until your current Membership Subscription Period comes to an end.”

  • Your privacy is at serious risk on

And here are the reasons why, both in a checklist and in a snapshot, whichever way you prefer:

  1. Your content and what you upload is constantly monitored
  2. You give these rights up front to any person, not only to authorities
  3. Third-party basically feed on the data you provide
  4. Anyone else who uses your computer can be at risk of giving data away
  5. You agree to unlimited advertising

Up For Sex data sharing

Price Tag

  • $4.07 for a three-day package
  • $35.64 for a one-month package
  • $59.79 for a three-month package
  • $93.86 for a six-month package

Busted or Trusted?

Keep far, far away from these fraudsters because you are at risk of some serious data invasion and of getting paid amounts that you couldn’t have imagined in the worst horror movie that plays in your head. I bet you wouldn’t want to wake up one day and find out that you had your card details compromised because you were dealing with a fraudulent service. will not give you sex but it will give you a headache!

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