Don’t Fall For the Great Design of It’s a Scam!

How far can a company go to fool people into thinking they’re dealing with allegedly real dating site? It seems that has decided to go the distance, at least judging by the efforts invested in the design of their fraudulent hookup site. Once upon a time, and not so long ago, a poor design was a sign of an adult dating site with no integrity and authority.  Nowadays, it seems that the tables have turned and that a great design is not the feature of only legit dating sites but of scams, too!


In this case, the excellent design raised the suspicion levels. This is why we went on to investigate the truth and the lies of It is more than worth mentioning that is associated with Connective Development, a well-known company that captures new customers by frauds, and has been a part of one of our reviews. Let’s go and explore the claims one by one:

1.Do I need a credit card to sign up?

Absolutely not! Signing up is 100% FREE and without any costs.

While it is true that you can sign up for free , its the end of it. Not only will you need to pay a standard general subscription, but you will also need to buy paid credits and quite expensive ones, too.

2. Is it safe to use this website?

Yes, all your personal data is stored in a secure environment. But remember; don’t reveal too much personal identifiable information with the person you’re talking to.

We assume that you have enough common sense to stay safe with personal contacts. But what about the links and the businesses that are associated with In this area, the security aspects are not rosy. In fact, you will have enough problems to think about if you just keep in mind the notion that deals with numerous service providers that do not need to adhere to the site policy:

Content from external links that are placed within our network, are not controlled by us. The supplier in question is liable. The content of this website has been compiled with the utmost care. Nevertheless, Connective Development B.V. is not liable for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information provided. 

At the end, although they claim discreet purchases, make sure to pay attention to the provision referring to marketing, because by giving your personal details to you are exposed to greater security risks:

By sharing your personal information with Connective Development B.V. you give us the permission to process this data and use it for the following purposes:
– Sending newsletters, similar services and moderated e-mails to enhance the adult entertainment experience by our related entities or us.
– Transactional e-mails including but limited to messages, likes and sign up confirmation.
– Other marketing communications such as related offers, related
– Creating user profiles.

Why is a Fake Hookup Site

Among the rest of the mess, here are the two top critical issues associated with

Fictive profiles play the role of real women to keep you in the sway of the things.

Perhaps this is the reason why all those gorgeous girls on the front screen and their photos look so amazing – because they are not real. In line with the usual practice of illegitimate adult dating sites, just applies fabricated profiles to send you messages, chat you up, send sexy photos until you buy one of the subscriptions. However chances of hooking up are poor – they even state this loud and clear in the Terms and Conditions document:

UK Sex Match moderated profiles

You need to buy paid credits for sending messages.

Pay due attention that the prices for the credits are in UK Pounds which means they’re more expensive than US dollars. If you need to pay for sending messages by purchasing credits then, what exactly is free on I wouldn’t call these extra credits tokens for messages – I think they deserve a better name: a double subscription. So, if you want to find out how much will the cost on really be, then calculate the sum of these two charges:

UK Sex Match credit fees

Price Tag

  • 1-month subscription is £10
  • 3-month subscription is £24
  • 6-month subscription is £39
  • 12-month subscription is £49

Busted or Trusted?

If you need to find out whether is really genuine apart from all that was stated above then you’re really gullible. You will need special antivirus assistance when you start getting all those spam messages by the fabricated profiles that will clog your inbox. And if you by any chance learn how much is the price of a single credit then, by all means, do tell us. It seems going around in circles depending on some weird obscure factors.

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