Why People Love to Hate HookupsFinder.com: Sex Cam Scam Exposed

Sometimes, all that fake hookup sites want to do is to sell sex dating services. Under the guise of real adult personals, they place webcam services and the charges for the tokens that you need to pay to date with the models. This is all cleverly disguised in a dating site. They will never tell you that their priority is webcam rooms. But if you do just a bit of research you will find out that HookupsFinder.com actually sells camera rooms, adult movies content as well as specialized SMS service packages.


Getting laid quickly has become a matter of days even hours under certain circumstances. But a matter of minutes? You, a few lucky ones can score within a couple of minutes but to promise everyone that they will get instant one night stands just by joining HookupsFinder.com it’s a bit over the top. Apart from the super quick dates, this is the rest that you will, namely, get on HookupsFinder.com:

  • HookupsFinder.com is a quick sex dating service for instant hookups – in a matter of minutes!
  • Using the perfect search tool with advanced search filters, including location, body type, hair color, age, and more.
  • Not Free or Free? – Requires paying a token price, yet saying it is giving a free signup.
  • Flirt or get laid – both options are viable at HookupsFinder.com.

We would have believed in the stories if we didn’t find out that Hookups Finder is just a part of  L Date – a company that stands behind many fraudulent hookup businesses:

Hookups Finder LDate

Why is HookupsFinder.com a Fake Adult Dating App

  • HookupsFinder.com charges an auto-renewal which includes a full cost of the trial version. 

In case you’re wondering how is this even possible here is a quick explanation. When you subscribe, you can opt-in for a 3-day trial or three other longer package. Hi, to cancel any of the automatic renewals you must actually cancel 3 days ahead. This means that you’re unable to ever cancel the one-month subscription that is charged automatically after the 3-day trial version:

Hookups Finder autorenewal

  • This hookup site applies fabricated bot profiles called “Staff Profiles”.

Staff profiles are computer bots actually performing the function of autopilots. They’re trying to impersonate humans and seen as realistic as possible so that the subscribers on HookupsFinder.com can’t tell the difference. When you’re online and when you’re horny, and when I hot girl sends you a chat message you don’t always have the time for dealing with the real stuff or if you’re just talking to computer generated fake profiles:

Hookups Finder staff profiles

  • HookupsFinder.com is just a platform for selling cam and porn content.

Forget about the free stuff on this hookup site. Everything is paid – not only will you need to pay for sending messages and doing any other activity on this site but you will also be a target for being spammed with cam services purchasing of adult movies content and SMS messages. As you already know, these sex dating sites create member areas which are much alike the cam sites This means that users can easily confuse Cam girls and regular dating profiles:

Hookups Finder cam services

  • You will be getting charged for using the SMS communication tool.

You must be careful about the type of SMS packages that you’re using. If you try to arrange a hookup date via your mobile phone and you have already provided this data to HookupsFinder.com you may get additional charges besides the ones that you need to pay in your monthly mobile plan. Be extremely careful when you’re dealing with phone numbers on sides for adult personals:

Hookups Finder SMS messages

Price Tag

  • $4.07 for a 3-Day trial
  • $35.64 for a 1-Month subscription
  • $59.79 for a 3-Month subscription.
  • $93.86 for a 6-Month subscription.

Here is a quick tip from me – even if you don’t listen to my advice and try to join in regardless of all arguments stated above hold on until you get the 30% discount at the end of the subscription page. They offer that promo when they notice that you’re not going to buy their initial package. Make use of the desperate move.

Busted or Trusted?

L Date is a company which is a proven marketer and seller of commercial adult dating services doesn’t really care about its customers and about their dating life. Getting late or scoring a one night stand is very dubious. The best you’re going to get is an inbox full of hundreds of fake automated messages sent by the staff profiles. We recommend keeping away from HookupsFinder.com and looking for getting laid only on legit dating sites.

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