DO NOT STEAL THIS CONTENT! A Brand New Scam with Age-Old Tricks and Twists

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It doesn’t take long to complete a review when the scam model is so close to what we’ve seen in the past. For, it took us an average of ten minutes to confirm the initial suspicions about this hookup site. Unless you want to read the long rules and regulations on only to find out that you’ve been duped, better read this short review instead. In just a few paragraphs, you’ll see why you need to stay away from this deceptive dating site.

Why is a Deceptive Dating Site

We expose scams quickly when they follow the same well-known pattern. Often, it’s not too difficult. Most fraudsters use the same tricks across all platforms. They don’t even bother to come up with original scams. Usually, the same network of companies deploys the same maneuvers, only slightly changing the design or using new domains.

Here is what makes us believe that is a 100 percent fake website.

Receiving a Bunch of Fake Emails Minutes After Subscribing

A couple of emails to a newbie on a website seem credible. But getting your inbox full of with chat messages that look like coming from the hottest girls in the universe is a prerequisite for a fishy business. The same will happen to you.

You don’t really believe that you get a new sex invitation each minute, do you? Where would the end be of online sex adventures, if this practice were at least remotely true? All guys would immediately ditch real-life dating in favor of using hookup apps.

You don’t even need to upload a profile picture and you still seem to have the awesome hookup chances with all those emails! This is just a proof that all those messages are custom prepared and sent randomly to users to create a sense of a superhot dating community. doesn’t even need to admit that it uses fake chats, it’s so obvious from the content of the messages.

Overpayment for Credits that Seem to Vanish into Thin Air

Credits are tokens of value used for buying messaging options. You have the choice big getting credit bundles and using them as needed for sex chats. Each message equals a certain number of messages. But nowhere will you see how much should the length of the message need to be or how many users you can include in an exchange. We guess this is because uses fake methods for credit calculation to avoid any responsibility for overspending on messages or limiting their usage.

Price Tag

  • 10 credits to send 10 messages that will cost £15.
  • 25 credits to send 25 messages that will cost £35
  • 50 credits to send 50 messages that will cost £65.
  • 100 credits to send 100 messages that will cost £120.
  • 200 credits to send 200 messages that will cost £200.

Busted or Trusted?

There is no question that is totally busted. It didn’t take us long as we discovered that this site is associated with other dating websites that belong to the same company, such as or Check them out, before long you’ll notice the similarities and won’t let similar sites fool you with identical tricks in future.

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