The Pros and Cons of Creating an Account at

Mature dating is an attractive hookup trends but not when it is fake. Today we are investigating what is behind and checking out the pros and the cons of this interesting site for meeting mature ladies for casual fun. It seems that the site consists of legit features and real profiles but due to the somewhat tricky features about marketing communications and the added subscriptions, this reviews needed to take a while to be finalized.

Authenticity is connected to which, judging by our findings at the time of the review didn’t seem like a real dating site. We found multiple dating profiles which looked fake, with fake photos and weird-looking profile descriptions. You know the kind – you can never notice anything real or genuine about these women. If they are not totally created by computers then they are definitely made by third-party interference. If doesn’t follow the same pattern, then we are downright confused. However, by looking at the available photo selection, you will notice realistic pictures os average people. That is a confidence boost created by making it worth to check it out.

Is a Casual Hookup Scam?

Judging by the overall looks of the first page, we weren’t too confident about the strategy of But, it took an in-depth research to uncover some pro factors that encourage creating an account on this hookup site. Sends Commercial Messages 

Obviously this is not a new trick and we have come to know it by all other scammers, In this case, the site for meeting mature chicks doesn’t hide the fact that it used advertising. The message is clearly marked with the words “Ad” so at least you won’t be thinking that you are talking to real people. Of course, there is Sammy that is the hostess and can mess up things, but there are also many real women who are posting real stuff and upload real people.

You Will Get Electronic Communications For the Site Services

The electronic communications and the foreign transactions fees are two separate aspects. They are however similar in a sense that they can be put on the side of the pros AND on the side of the cons. In terms of pros, both are fair because explains what they are all about, without abusing the story behind them. Still, they can be tricky because you can get extra charges and because the electronic communications can be nothing else but computer-generated messages sent by virtual profile.

Your Privacy at is at a Limited Risk Only

As you can see below, your data is not shared with all other partners of the service to come to a point where you don’t know what is the number of adult dating sites that have your data posted all around the web. It is great knowing that you won’t be able to get in a big trouble. Your proifile daat will not be a commodity for sales to other sites and partners by default – only for the necessary legal purposes.

You Are Only Paying for What You Agree to

Have a look at what I am trying to explain below. As you can notice here we see only clean charges – no fake free promises, no pre-checked boxes, no credit card preauthorization, If you remember well, the infamous fraudulent company Nautell uses the tricks from the list to super-charge its users with hundreds of dollars of monthly fees. And – works from any location, so you will be able to log in from everywhere, regardless of whether you are travelling.

Price Tag

  • $6.29 to subscribe to a 3-day trial.
  • $34.99 to subscribe to a 1-month membership.
  • $49.99 to subscribe to a 3-month membership.

Busted or Trusted? seems indeed genuine. Although there are some elements that break the trust, you will be happy to know that many os the ladies’ profiles are genuine.So, we are glad that we have finally found one legitimate hookup site. They are so rare nowadays. After all the conundrums of the 95 percent fakers, getting laid at an authentic place is a real refreshment.

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