How to Keep Your Money in Your Pocket on Dating Scam Review

Can you find a date to get laid on Judging by the name, the site is as naughty as the content and the people who have created it. Unfortunately, there is no real dating on the site for fun and entertainment, and nothing else. Most of the so-called members are “Angels” or fabricated profiles while there is also additional commercial content that can be set as a trap to lure users in.

Authenticity of

There are online dating reviews that connect with, another fraudulent dating service. You will find out more in the next section where we present the overview of the arguments that don’t work in favor of the site. But, for now, for the team at Adult Dating Patrol, it is a novelty. That doesn’t mean that the site is authentic and genuine, but it does mean that we need to make a careful check of the provided services to conclude if it is worth hanging around.

Why is a Deceptive Dating Service

Apart from working with fake women profiles, there are several factors worth considering as warning signs against the membership on

You Agree to an Identity Disclosure on

You say goodbye to your privacy and the ownership of your data once you become a member of the site. Your pictures, writings, communications and interactions are becoming public property. It is almost as you are posting your most intimate (read: sexiest) pictures on a public display for everyone to have access without any control over the distribution. Sells Flirts to Users

As a basic member, you get a certain number of flirts as an incentive to get more active and engage in communication with the other users. In fact, you are just getting cajoled to stay longer and buy some more. So, if you don’t know the answer to the question asked below – read again: you just haven’t paid the whole money you need to pay. Presents Risks To Your Security

Yes, you never know that a person is real because they aren’t. How else will be able to fool you by using the fabricated profiles called “Angels”? When there is no guarantee that a person is real, and when the site is made to sell flirts, only for entertainment purposes, what are the users to do but stay in wonder, getting to the truth that they have been duped?

Poor Online Reviews by Authoritative Sources

Several resources that make online reviews agree that is not a site that deserves to be trusted and that can be believed to provide genuine dating services. View the examples from the list to get an overview of the online opinions about the scam pulled off by this deceptive service:

Price Tag

  • £5.70 for a 3-day trial subscription.
  • £43.99 for a 1-month subscription.
  • £98.97 for a 3-month subscription.
  • £131.94 for a 6-month subscription.

Busted or Trusted?

If you like to find local singles to get laid in a great way, don’t waste your time on fraudulent dating services like There are plenty of good dating services that offer instant hookups that are real, free and use verified profiles strategies. Make sure to check out the authenticity of the profiles and the security aspects before you pay anywhere.

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