Forget 3 Replacements You Need to Jump On

This is not the first time that Festivus Media is our client for reviewing adult hookup sites. I’m not surprised that they are using the mature catch as many times as possible. After all, we all know that sexy and hot milfs are one of the most attractive profiles on hookup sites. However, if you believe that the picture of all these women are real then you’re very wrong. admits to using fake profiles of women in their Terms and Conditions document. They’re speaking of this fraud if it is the most normal thing in the world! I assume some people really have different criteria about what it means to be deceptive on adult dating sites.


If authentic? Let’s make a difference between the rosy pink fantasy and the truth. This is how they make you think this is the best place in the world for meeting other people to get laid:

  1. Countless sexy flirts and exciting times
  2. All options are in and they are anonymous
  3. Appealing women and men
  4. New members each day
  5. Sign up right now prompt

It is so obvious they are leading you on with false stories and presenting unrealistic expectations or what may actually happen on

Why is a Sex Dating Scam

Although it is advertised as an adult dating platform the main purpose of is obviously not anything else but sex flirting online. Is this what you signed up for? I don’t think so! Why waste your time on this come when you can actually join a legit dating site and get laid in no time? Just watch below – no real contact dates are ever guaranteed:

The main objective of the Service is to bring the User into contact with other users, enabling them to communicate with each other via the Platform.

It is not the objective of the Service to establish real-life contact between the User and other users of the Platform; the User is not banned from making such arrangements with other Users. Festivus Media BV therefore cannot guarantee in any way that such contact can indeed be established via the Platform.

Another problematic aspect of you should be concerned about is their network of websites. By accepting the terms and conditions you should be painfully aware that you’re giving all your data to to do whatever they want with it, including using it in as many possible ways on their other websites which are part of the network:

meet local matures several databases

That is not all that you’re putting yourself into by saying yes to the terms and conditions. There is no way around them or hiding from the fabricated profiles. The hookup site reserves the right to create as many as possible and use them as baits for you to spend as much time on the website as you can, send the messages and, of course, purchase credits. Did you notice that the credits are paid with British pounds?meet local matures fictitious profiles

You’re getting one, only one free credit to send messages at the beginning with your so-called free registration. This is where the real scam begins: when you just get all hot and horny you get to realize that you have no more credits and you must purchase some. And for whom? Only for fake women represented with one of the fantasy profiles created by the site:meet local matures credit technical breakdown

The price of the credits is very blurry. The problem is this – as the number of credits you buy increases, the price decreases. You purchase credit in bundles and you send messages, and when you’re in the whirl of things, you can never tell how many credits you have left or how many have gone with the messaging. Moreover, it is up to to decide how many credits you have left on your account.

meet local matures credit purchase

Price Tag

Credits are purchased in bundles. Prices are in British pounds.

  •  For 1 credit you will need to pay £1.50
  • For 8 credits you will need to pay £7.99
  • For 25 credits you will need to pay £22.49
  • For 50 credits you will need to pay £39.99
  • For 100 credits you will need to pay £79.99
  • For 300 credits you will need to £219.90

Busted or Trusted? is a very tricky business. There are more than three options that you can consider for adult personals, but here I would like to point out only the best hookup apps so that you have the most awesome time around with getting late and arranging cool one-night stands. Go for if you like hooking up with cougars. Take e search on Instabang when you want a quick booty call. In the end, why don’t you try Fling for experienced sex dating?

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