Why MeetMilfy.com Will Not Bring “Joy and Color to Your life!”

I guess many of you who read Adult Dating Patrol like dating milfs. As far as I and my friends are concerned, we don’t mind hooking up with a hot milf – as a matter of fact, many date only milfs! I don’t have any objections to that, having in mind that older women often know whet they want much better than younger girls and are way more adventurous and experimental than some of the girls that I’ve met. Our review today is about MeetMilfy.com.

Also, did you know that the milf category, including also cougars is one of the most searched topics on Google? That’s right, many get the hots for mature women. I assume this is why scammers often make use of the group and misuse it for fraudulent dating websites. However, they obviously don’t know that they have no chance with the team at Adult Dating Patrol, which is equipped for exposing even the most skillfully performed frauds. Such is the scam on MeetMilfy.com

If you are looking to avoid a scam site and just want to read about a site that can actually help you, check out my MilfPlay review.

Why Meet Milfy is a Scam

The home screen of MeetMilfy.com is very powerful, you may almost think that you have encountered one of the few legit dating sites for meeting older women on the web, at least if you judge by the quality of the pictures posted on the front page and on the testimonials and the commercial messages on the site. It seems like MeetMilfy.com likes you to think that you will not only meet mature women for sex but also for something more – here is a spectacular quote from the landing page:

“A good conversation is a wonderful start to promising relationships with mature ladies. Today, the loveliest conversations are made on the Internet. You may write to experienced women for different reasons, such as to become friends or build your future together and fill it with love and romance.

Why is MeetMilfy.com a Fake Dating Website

These ads may sound nice, but here is what is actually behind the service at MeetMilfy.com:

  • You are serviced by a network of companies and websites.

Partnering sites use your information and pictures for business development – it is almost like you are providing services to multiple dating sites, instead of them servicing you. Be careful, this is an extremely naughty way to operate a business, you are a pawn that gets used all across the network – you are, sort of – a commodity for MeetMilfy.com and the partners that can create duplicate profiles using your information:

Meet Milfy partner network

  • You provide royalty-free rights to MeetMilfy.com for publishing of your photos.

The duplicate profiles across multiple sites are just one side of the coin – wait until you see that MeetMilfy.com and the partners can own your images and do what they want to do with them – how about you see yourself as a member testimonial, or if an acquaintance from another site mentions that they have seen your pic somewhere else? Not to mention discovering worse ways of using your photos, such as the practice of non-secure services may be!

Meet Milfy photos

  • You will be hunted by computer-generated content and custom messages.

When you create a profile, you agree that you can receive computer-generated content from the site as promotions. The custom messages are called “flirtcasts” and they can be used on dozens of users at once. You should know that they don’t lead to hookups, but are only made to pester you to purchase an upgrade. Here is what is the real nature of the custom messages:

Meet milfy custom messages

Price Tag

  • $2.95 for a 3-day trial
  • $24.95 for a 30-day membership (discounted to $16.95 when you try to leave)
  • $69.95 for a 90-day membership (discounted to $48.95 when you try to leave)

Busted or Trusted

MeetMilfy.com is not a harbinger of great, good or even average milf dating news. The shiny landing page is just a great promotional trick for money extortion from naive dating newbies. I believe that after reading this lesson, you are not into that category. You have just been promoted to sophomores, and if you need more persuasion, go to a few more of the reviews and you will quickly catch up.

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  1. How do they think of these marketing texts?! Joy and color?! I don’t want to get on the same page of communication, but Meet Milfy is more like “doom and gloom!


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