Does Sound Familiar? You Bet it Does When it’s a Copycat Scam

Nautell does not seem to intend to make up new names for the same scam and luring in new users. Just put the tag “free” to a saucy name and you’ve hit the jackpot.

Although not necessarily true, this is definitely the motto of the company because here at Adult Dating Patrol we don’t even remember when was the first time we reviewed one of the network fraudulent sites working with fabricated profiles, card preauthorization, and poor privacy settings. Let’s see how is the scam on developed.


It is obvious from the very first moment that there can be no word of authenticity on it is all just a replica of all Nautell websites which use the false promise of free membership, then ask for credit card details, pre-charges the card for the basic cost and for the extra services, and pesters you with fabricated profiles and with dozens of automated messages.

What is pretty weird – it asks you for some personal information at the start, to make sure that you are eligible for the site, and makes claims that you can meet someone you know. You can be almost 100 percent sure that you will not meet any real woman for sex on!

Why is an Online Dating Scam

  • Virtual profiles called Love Stars entertain, send messages and collect private information.

Regardless of whether they are real people who work as site admins or just computer-generated bots, their task is the same all across the Nautell network.

They are just the baits for the prey to hook up. In this case, if you weren’t aware, you are the prey and your credit card is the essential blood for these poachers. This is a quote from the site explaining what they do:

“…By the use of the Site or its services, the Member, visitor or User expressly agrees that the Site may use any information that it gathers or collects about the Member, visitor or User including personal information that has been provided by the Member, visitor or User via the Site’s Love Stars (“LS”) program, Customer Service, or other mechanisms, for technical, administration, research and development, customer administration, age verification, legal compliance, marketing, promotional and advertising use and for the transmission of email communications, the sending of products or the fulfilling of any terms and conditions;..”

You must be totally aware you will never get a date with these girls, no matter how real they look on their profile:

FreeFuckBuddyTonight love stars

  • Your card will be charged even if the site claims free to use as “preauthorization”

Well, let’s think about this preauthorization now – why on Earth would they need a credit card if the membership is free?

Yes, normally, because it is not free! It is just a false statement that can not be further from the truth because the site is not only not free but also is superexpensive with extra services for videos:

FreeFuckBuddyTonight preauthorization

  • You pay for the promotional communication via SMS.

In case you make charges for texting services you will bear all costs – even if someone else or a company initiates the conversation – here is the provision of the ToU in a bit more detail:

“…You also agree that FreeLifetimeFuckbook and related companies and authorized services providers may contact you through information manifested through the Website and Services via email, SMS, or otherwise to communicate with you regarding the Website and Service or to advertise to you goods and services or to send and receive communications from other Service members and Website users . You are fully responsible for all costs associated with the above communications such as for example the costs of SMS text messages.”

  • You are responsible for the extra fees related to the administration of your subscription.

Let’s say the bank introduces new procedures for managing foreign companies, such as Nautell, and imposes fees on transactions – it will all fall on your back.

This is a smart way to get rid of any responsibility related to processing fees. Moreover, any unforeseen fees can be put under this vague category and be payable by the users:

“…For your convenience, the costs and duration of your membership are supplied to you on our registration page on signup. You are responsible for all costs associated with your use of your selected payment method including, for example, exchange rates, transaction fees, interest, and other fees charged by your credit/debit card companies and banks.

Price Tag

  • $49.95 for monthly membership to
  • $39.61 for monthly membership to
  • $28.87 for monthly membership to

Busted or Trusted

Did you bust all by yourself? In case you didn’t, I’m sure that the above review was helpful. As you can see, the chances to hook up on this fake website are non-existent.

You are only putting yourself at risk of getting your card in overdraft, your privacy at risk, and your intimate details resold and transferred to other services. There is nothing new under the sun, as the good old wise saying says – get used to the scam performed by Nautell.

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