Learn How To Save Your Money With MatureContactSearch.com: Scam Exposed

We’re helping you with another addition for the scam associated with Festivus Media. This time the name of the adult dating website is MatureContactSearch.com. As the name suggests, you’re supposed to find MatureContactSearch.com on this hookup site. Hi, as our research says you’re nowhere near finding results and getting laid. With a website based on paid credits, fake profiles and poor privacy all you’re going to find is a hole in your pocket.


I wish I could talk about authenticity in any regards to the network of websites connected to Festivus Media. They’re just using the same scam across the network, creating some minor differences on the front page of each separate hookup site and leaving the rest almost the same. You may also notice slight differences in the subscription rates and variations in the fonts on the website and that’s about it.

Why is MatureContactSearch.com a Casual Sex Dating Scam

Without explaining too much about the similar aspects of the fraud which is almost about the same on the other sites in the network, we are adding some interesting facts that will support our other reviews.

Fabricated Profiles Will “Entertain” You

This title is chosen just so you get that the main purpose of putting this fabricated profiles on MatureContactSearch.com is for entertainment. This means that there are no guarantees about real dates. You will never meet any of these girls. In addition, watch out for the pasted external links because they represent additional danger and risk to your privacy and security.

mature contact search external links and ficive profiles

Solve Any User Conflict Alone

Although we understand that no one can meddle in the affairs of the private meetups you arrange with other users of this site, good quality and legit adult dating sites put some sort of security and regulations so that users know what is allowed and what is not. In this case, you’re all by yourself. All conflicts must be solved between you and the other person whoever that may be – a scammer, a fraudster, a bot, a cyber attacker.

mature contact search user conflict

Mobile & Other Fees Must Be Paid When Made

Did you see anywhere that you will need to pay mobile fees? Did you see anywhere that your mobile account will be charged with the extra money? That’s right. We didn’t see either. Hi, if you read the Terms of Use you will see that if any mobile charges occur you’re liable to pay for them.

mature contact search mobile fees and other fees

Changes in Prices & ToU Are Possible Without Warning

Well, this small bit at the end of the longish document is the essence of the huge scam performed on MatureContactSearch.com. If this is possible then anything is possible. When costs can be altered at any moment anything else can.

mature contact search changes in prices and ToU

Price Tag

  • 8 credits cost $16.49
  • 25 credits cost $49.99
  • 50 credits cost $89.99
  • 100 credits cost $174.99
  • 300 credits cost $489.99

Busted or Trusted?

Have a look at other reviews on Adult Dating Patrol associated with Festivus Media. Among the rest, read about ShagCity.co.uk, about SecretMatureContact.com and about SecretMatureFlirt.com You will see that all the same tricks and tips are used in all of this hookup sites. Getting laid on any of the false websites in the network of Festivus Media is just an illusion.

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