Is One of the Most Atrocious Hookup Scams? Almost!

Here we are again with the troubles of Festivus Media and their network of fraudulent adult dating sites connected mostly to dating mature women.They have a full stack of those hookup sites which just utilize the same scam method and change the landing page, the website title and some of the testimonials and the features.  Otherwise, everything you’re going to see here was previously explained in our other reviews of sites for sex dating associated with Festivus Media. Today we are dealing with a website called


Most of the deceptive tactics of are explained in Terms and Conditions document. You only need to know where to look. However, many users keep reading this important document and fail to notice that there are being put in a trap. The first and most important thing you need to remember about is that you will hardly find real women there – all those photos you see are just fake photos and if you read the Terms and Conditions you will notice that they use fictitious profiles to scam you into buying a subscription and additional credits.

Why is a Scam for Adult Personals

At least the good thing about is that they don’t say that you will be using the site for free. However, it seems that you’re getting a free registration and that is the only thing you’re going to get for free on this fake hookup site. Not only will you need to buy a subscription but you will also need to buy credits.  First things first – let’s look into the virtual profiles for now. Applies Fictive Profiles

This scam website that is part of the Festivus Media network clearly states that its purpose is not to arrange sex dates for you or to help you get laid or have as many one-night stands as you want. Its purpose is only for entertainment. Then again, they also create false profiles that will entertain you. By entertaining they mean sending you annoying pestering messages which will never end up on a real date. They send you promotional offers and just patently lie to you so that you can think that you’re talking to real people but you’re not.

Secret Mature contact profiles

You Will Buy Expensive Credits to Send Messages

That’s right. You need to pay more to be able to use the chat features. Then let me ask you a good and a smart question: what’s the point of getting the subscription? Why are those rates stated in a way they are stated? Do they really think that you’re going to believe them and accept that the basic rates are so low as the first offer when you need to pay additionally to get in touch with someone? Another problem is that it is a big question if you will ever be in a position to contact someone because they’re no real persons here.

Secret Mature contact credits

Several Ways to Risk Your Privacy

Apart from giving the right to to distribute the data you’re providing them at registration, including your profile details and your photo, and everything that you’re uploading on the site, there is also no protection from:

  • Third-party websites
  • Affiliates
  • Other users

You are solely responsible for all that and you must be extra vigilant to avoid any further scams, fraudsters or security attacks.

Secret Mature contact privacy

Price Tag

  • 8 credits will cost you £7.99.
  • 25 credits will cost you £22.49
  • 50 credits will cost you £39.99
  • 100 credits will cost you £79.99
  • 300 credits will cost you £219.,00

Busted or Trusted?

Search for all our reviews for the tag Festivus Media and you will be able to see the scope of the scam that they’re performing. They are mostly using the milf dating and the cougar dating niche knowing that many young girls as well as older guys like dating older women and will fall into the trap Be careful when you see a hookup application or an adult dating site that uses credits. In as far as our experience is concerned they are almost 99% of the time just huge scams.

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