Tricks You Into Paying for Fictitious Profiles with Expiring Credits

How often do you find real dating sites for meeting milfs? Not often – we get that! Well, welcome to another fraud. It’s called and it’s a member of the network of websites created by Festivus Media. We haven’t met a dating website created by Festivus Media in a while, but this new latest version doesn’t come as a surprise. We already know that they work hard to promote their spam and scam sites. It seems that their favorite dating preference is about mature people, especially milfs and people who love milfs.


In a way, is not only for older people, because from what you can read on the front page, anyone over 18 can you join, which seems like a good thing. However, sometimes people target especially milfs because they like them, because they are experienced and because they don’t beat around the bush. So, this is a great dating opportunity for anyone looking to get laid with an older woman. Yet, there is nothing different than the other scams performed on the rest of the websites associated with Festivus Media. You can find the fake profiles and the credits. They are also convoluted provisions about the price of the credits and the non-removable rights for the company to change the prices of the credits and the “Rules of Engagement” with users.

Why is a Fraudulent Dating site

Once you get the hang of it, there are plenty of reasons to dislike this nasty service. First of all, if you read in the Terms and Conditions, which are pretty comprehensive and exhaustive (under the respective link) you will see that everything is stated there. But only if you read these documents! uses profiles which are fictitious profiles. These profiles are used to send instant messaging texts to most users and engage them in sexy communication.

Non-refundable Credits on

Once you get hooked you’re baked! You can’t reply to messages unless you buy the credits! As you can see, this is really a clever way that uses an imaginative scenario. It seems like you’re actually chatting and meeting with a real woman. They upload the photo, they start sending the messages and  – bang! You are on. Once you start sending those messages back (under the condition that you buy credits) you’ll never know how much you’ve spent and how much you have left. Check this out! Festivus Media reserves the right to tell how many credits you have left. This is a really manipulative practice that takes over the control from your hands in any respect about how you spend your money on

4.7 Purchased Credits lose their validity 12 months after they are purchased. When spending Credits, the Credits purchased earliest are spent before Credits purchased more recently.

Fictitious Profiles Flood Your Inbox with Fake Messages

The main problem with the staff profiles is you can’t discover them unless you spend some time on the site. It’s so easy to get into the groove and start buying credits. But hang on for a moment – see how these so-called mature milfs act when you spend half a day or at least a few hours on the site. Your inbox will fill out with messages which are only fake texts created by software, namely sent by this women. As you can see, they are just marketing incentives sent with the intention to get your money out into the sun.

As mentioned, works in a network of websites. Just type the tag ‘mature’ or the company name Festivus Media in our search field, and you will find out about the rest of the scams. It’s a breeze to uncover a pattern that will serve you later in your dating efforts on genuine dating sites.

Price Tag

Regardless of the prices mentioned here always keep in mind that the company reserves the right to change the prices whenever they want, they are non-refundable and they expire after a while.

  • 8 credits for GBP7.99
  • 25 credits for GBP2.49
  • 50 credits for GBP39.99
  • 100 credits for GBP79.99
  • 300 credits for GBP219.99

Busted or Trusted?

What can we say? It’s good that doesn’t explicitly say that they sell cam or video services on the dating platform. We’re only mentioning this because many of their alternative hookup sites use this strategy to get more money out of you. When you see that you’re dating efforts are leading nowhere or if you’re not attentive enough, you can click on the links for the adult movies or the cam rooms. This will get your ass burnt in a big way with extra money spent – money that you’ve never thought you were going to spend. In a nutshell, is totally busted.

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