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Although you don’t find this method supported by mainstream dating channels, there are people who are married and who find excitement in casual hookups while they’re married. So provides an opportunity for this community to find a way and meet someone sharing their opinion who likes to date casually without any obligation. While it is nice to have such a place, when it’s a fraud, it becomes an unpleasant website which just serves as a potentially dangerous service for ripping you off.


Wouldn’t it be fun to find casual hookup sites that don’t have exaggerated promises? At least they look realistic  – no big numbers, no millions of members, and no promises of free memberships. is paid  – it tells you about its Gold and Silver subscription memberships. But, there are other two things that they don’t explain is so much detail. Clearly, you must be aware that they use the false profiles which on this platform are called Online Flirts. This means for us that we are dealing with a scam. Below you will find the details for the basis of this belief.

Why is a Dangerous Fraudulent Business

There are plenty of provisions in the Terms and Conditions that are quite enough to explain the scam. Let’s start exploring them one by one.

You Are Responsible for Third-Party Payments

When you find multiple links on a website, which are not associated with the main company, you put yourself out at risk. This is an added danger because the risk from the third-party links is not regulated with the main policy. So, watch out and be extra careful when you browse the site. Don’t click suspicious links – you never know what follows.

No Promise of Ever Meeting a Real Person is clear about their limited offering that there are no guarantees/ It’s up to your skills to find someone to date; but under the circumstances, this can also mean that the site takes no responsibility of arranging you a good member database to raise the potential for finding someone.

The Truth in the Open with Fake Profiles Called ‘Online Flirts’

At the start of the ‘Terms and Conditions’, you are advised to avoid trusting the people who join the site. They say that you can easily become a subject of a scam and that you should never trust anyone. So what exactly is offering here? A thin air? It seems so, as a bit lower in the document they state that they, themselves, use the fake profiles called Online Flirts. Well, that’s an interesting strategy: never trust anyone but also include us among those you shouldn’t trust!

Price Tag

  • Monthly package for $29.95
  • Three-month package with a monthly fee of $19.98 or $59.95 in total

Busted or Trusted?

It’s really rotten to misuse the trust of people in long-term relationships in this way. Trying to find someone for one-night-stands, it’s not an easy job, especially when you’re married. So one would think that people would like to offer a good product for these members. However, this is not the place to find casual hookups. With the number of fake profiles called Online Flirts your chances are really low.

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