Insightful Facts About Casual Sex That Will Open Your Eyes

This time we reviewed Casual Sex, an adult dating site with the perfect name that promises what most people reading ADP want – quick, NSA sex. This is exactly the language Casual Sex uses – dating others who are not looking for a commitment – the type of dates started by a late night SMS, a call or a chat message. You know the drill – the booty calls that provide no-strings-attached involvement. It seems on first sight that Casual Sex is the perfect place to have no-hassle sex without putting too much effort or emotions. However, our insight tells us a different story.


Let us look into the insights we got while inspecting Casual Sex because there was plenty to investigate, longish documents are uploaded on the site, both for the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy and Cookies policies. Our team’s greatest concern was about the site security. Casual Sex doesn’t apply any mechanisms or tools to protect members from frauds or identity theft and keeps members solely responsible for their actions on the site, even when they arise from the site features, justifying this on the actions of other members. Overall, this was not a very reassuring argument in favor of this flakey site.

Why is Casual Sex an Illegitimate Dating Service

  • There are limits to the discounted rates.

The site offers promotional rates to new members and you may think that you get the same offer for a longer period. And in general – the discount may apply only on the initial payment, this is why you should be very careful about the periods that you subscribe for and the rates that apply:

Casual sex discounted rates

  • There is no profile verification on Casual Sex.

There are two things that should be taken into consideration here. The first refers to the moment that the site can control specific aspects of the content that you post, and the second refers to the moment that that control is not 100% complete so that everything can be checked. This very convenient tactic suits only the site, and not its users:

Casual Sex no verification

We have met the infamous icebreakers on a few occasions before. Such an appropriate name for fake profiles who try to initiate communication engage members into more activity or just nicely force them into an upgrade! They probably list all benefits of the premium membership while sending you hot messages and loosening your control. Here is a quote from the site:

To improve your chances of success provides you with a free icebreaker messaging service. This feature ensures your profile gets maximum visibility as your matches are automatically sent a personal icebreaker message on your behalf.

  • Security is poor on Casual Sex.

And here is another quote from the site that lets you totally unsafe in the hands of other deceptive people because this dating service does not apply adavanced security mechanisms:

“We are not liable for unauthorized attainment of your personal information by third parties, e.g. in the form of access to the database by hackers”.

Price Tag

  • 1-month membership is $19.99 per month
  • 3-month membership is $14.99 per month
  • 6-month membership is $11.99 per month

Busted or Trusted

Hopefully, by now, the listed insights have persuaded you to stay away from the offers of hookups for Casual Sex. Because there are none! Apart from what others say on this fraudulent service, and the tips and tricks we discovered, there is one other crucial thing that we forgot mentioning. We tried to log in on several occasions within several hours, and the service didn’t work at all. What do you think – do members like not being able to get on their very expensive platforms?

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