WildDate4Sex.com: Things You Are Forgetting to Check Before You Join

It sure does me some good when the casual date I end up with provides some wild sex. This is what an adult dating website is for right? You never know how lucky you are going to get, but is nevertheless, adult dating sites are the best place to turn those expectations into reality. This time it was my task to get a glimpse into WildDate4Sex.com, which states that is “the spot” for flirty chats with local singles and a cool place to turn the chat into a hobby for meeting exciting and stunning girls.

Is is true that once you get into a chat, it will be much easier to get into bed later? Will this site provide the fulfillment of your fantasies without the awkwardness of initial confused communication? Well, WildDate4Sex.com says it has chat rooms full of girls, but our investigation proved that a large share of those girls are not real, but staff profiles used to rip off new members. Here is what you need to check before you start dating on WildDate4Sex.com – we did it for you.


No matter how hard you may find it to believe, WildDate4Sex.com is yet another huge scam that uses all available methods to collect as many personal details from free users, get them onto more than one dating service and claim that it provides excellent hookup chances for meeting new people over chat, while only using fabricated staff profiles to get you into higher paid subscriptions. All that sexy chat and banter? It may well be coming like a “flirtcast” – a prewritten message that fake profiles send to users to entertain them and make them more likely to purchase an upgrade. Let’s look into the details of this fraudulent dating service.

Why is WildDate4Sex.com a Conning Dating Website

  • WildDate4Sex.com uses staff profiles.

The site service gives the information, that, from time to time, it may use staff profiles whose task is to get new members into the chatty mood, as well as introduce them to the site features and make it easier for them to find a date. Imagine the following scenario: you have just landed a couple of hours spare time and decided to listen to the advice of your witty friends to get a relaxing sex session from online dating tools. It is no-brainerer – right? When they can do it and brag about their success stories – why wouldn’t you do it, too? Albeit your friends are right, they may have it all wrong if they didn’t tell you to be careful when meeting fabricated profiles. While you get on your smartphone and start chatting with a stunning girl, she may actually stun you later when you discover that no real sex will come out of the banter.

wilddate4sex staff profiles

  • This site will send automated messages.

The staff that engage new users use all types of previously set messages to help the dating site attract new subscribers and pay for premium memberships. Apart from for informational purposes, the automated messages called “Flirtcasts” are cleverly crafted tricks to lure users into a subscription. They play with subtle manipulation of flirty sexting, just in the right way to make you think that getting laid is just around the corner of that pricey subscription package.    

wilddate4sex automated messages

  • Your profile and photos will be used across several sites.

By joining in, you provide exclusive and irrevocable right to WildDate4Sex.com to use your profile data across their partnering sites. They say that the intention is to increase your hookup chances, but the real truth is that they use your multiple profiles to create the impression of an active site with more member than there are actually are – just to attract new fresh casualties on several platforms. What’s even more worrying is that your images can be used for commercial purposes – it is basically like you are working for the site under the guise of membership – and not the site for you!

wilddate4sex use of photos and of duplicate profiles

  • There are is no security support for members.

Poor security is a very good sign that you are dealing with unprofessional dishonest dating services. In the world where safety, security and discretion is a priority, no reputable and genuine dating website would allow lack of security mechanisms on the site. For as far as I know, no one wants to get their private details and pictures stolen or hacked. This is why the minimal safety on WildDate4Sex.com does not provide great confidence in its professionalism  

wilddate4sex no background checks

Price Tag

  • Three-day trial is $4.47
  • One-month subscription is $34.99
  • Three-month subscription is $59.97
  • 6-month subscription is $95.94

Busted or Trusted

Now that I’ve explained the things that you need to check before you join WildDate4Sex.com, I believe we can agree on the final verdict about this site – it is a money extortion tool. You are welcome to go and check each of these aspects yourself and tell us your experience. From what we found, your prospects of hooking up with a stunner after a session of hot chat are pretty slim. The site is also on the pricier side – and it changes rates frequently – another wake-up moment for taking it slow and careful.

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  1. I went out and checked each of the claims one by one. I’ve neve seen someone get into so much detail on adult dating sites – thanks for doing this


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