is a Scam of Massive Proportions: No Casual Sex Here

We found a striking resemblance between and other false hookup sites maintained by Nautell which have the prefix “free” in their name. However, on further investigation it turned out that this is not a site associated with Nautell. There is something fishy here, because the site uses the same home screen, the same blonde girl and the same features as well as the formidable fraudster company, so we decided to investigate further.


It is not unusual for similar hookup sites to be associated with different companies who just belong to the same people and are based on the same same scam methods. We think that this is the situation with Upon further review we found out that we were right. The tricks applied by Nautell are applied to this new company, the false profiles, the pre-checked payment boxes, the love stars and the limited control over the content by users.

Why is a Standard Hookup Site Rip-off 

Here are the details of the rip-off scam performed by that contains provisions about the application of extra fees,  virtual profiles, as well as the scam with the upgrade screen. Does Content Control

The site reserves the right for content control. This means that all your messages and communication with other members will be monitored. Whenever the site software decides that the messages you have sent are not in line with the terms and conditions of the site policy, they have the right to delete it, change it or remove it.

mega casual dates content control

Virtual Profiles Called Love Stars Will Stuck Your Mailbox with Fake Messages

This happens to every user that visits this fraudulent adult dating site. The plethora of messages that are filling in your inbox are not real messages. Can you explain how can you get so many messages for such a short time in your inbox, and you have not put any information or uploaded any photo on your profile?

mega casual dates love stars and electronic messaging

Hidden Costs Below the Upgrade Screen

Let us put it short and simple: is in no way free. Not only it is not free, but it also carries hidden costs which are part of the huge scam of this hookup site. For example, have a look at the upgrade plans below. They fill in most of your screen when you are trying to choose the subscription package. But, that is not all you will paycheck out the smaller part of the section below which includes the additional VIP membership.  As you can see, the subscription is not only $30 or only $60. Add up additional $100 per month on each of the packages you choose:

mega casual dates upgrade mega casual dates all fees

Unforeseen Extra Fees Are Paid by the Customer

If an extra cost occurs in the bank transaction, there is no space for negotiation with All alternative payments are put on the customers back. You can read them in the Terms and Conditions. Be very careful when you’re submitting your payment and when you’re choosing the payment method.

mega casual dates all costs Lets the Customer Pay for SMS Costs Invoked by The Site

Check out this logic: When this adult dating site sends you a promotion via SMS, any costs they occur must be paid by the customer. They have no connection whatsoever with the SMS charges. Does this mean that they use commercial SMS dating and profit from the messages?

mega casual dates SMS costs

Price Tag

  • VIP Membership Includes:
    Mobile Access + Featured Profile – 2 Day Trial @ $1.96, renews to $39.61 a month unless cancelled – 3 Weeks Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $28.87 per month
  • $29.95 per month
  • $69.95 for three months
  • $119.79 for six months

Busted or Trusted?

The classic rip-off scam performed by is not a big surprise. Even the new company is not surprising to the team of Adult Dating Patrol. This is a well-known scam we have already seen. If this is something new for you and you want to keep safe in the future, keep an open eye for the design of the site, for its features and to the overall looks of the site documents. You will quickly catch up on with experience and arm yourself with knowledge.

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