Seems Legit But We’ve Found Some Risks Lurking in the T&C

If you’re interested in meeting women in the granny category that is the one dating site they can take care of the dating problems for you. We found some real women profiles on this hookup site but also some things that you should be thinking about in more details before you start populating the free space with your profile and uploading photos. Let’s find out what those things are.

Authenticity of GrannySexPersonals is a genuine dating site with real women’s profiles which is obvious when you join the website. There are all types of women by physical looks, ages, clear profile pictures, profile descriptions of what the women want, different look preferences. They look realistic. None of them look like models. When you find a casual sex site where every woman looks like a model that’s a sure sign that you’re dealing with a scam. On the women are genuine, and the membership is actually not tailored to serve the business goals of the main website. Though, not everything is picture-perfect. What are the problems becomes obvious further down the road.

Why is a Legit Dating Site

In the paragraph for authenticity, we clearly explained why we believe that GrannySex is a genuine dating site with all relevant elements of real dating sites are there. But we would also like to point out a few moments discovered on our regular tour you should keep in mind when you start looking for a potential date and before you start clicking all those wings reading all those messages and subscriptions rates.

Risky Third-Party Advertising Messages 

While you may be 100% clear about the rules of the game on, you can never know what comes from partnering websites, third-party providers and anyone else that is doing business on this website. The rules in the “Terms and Conditions” typically refer only to the main service. If you click banners and promotional offers, which are separated from the main regulations, they have different regulations. Many users, in the heat of the game, forget that they need to check the additional rules. That’s where many troubles arise and where unwanted accidents happen:

Grannysexpersonals terms

You Need to Agree to All Types of Electronic Communications

The dangers of being stuffed with promotional offers don’t come only from the third party providers. By default, when you register, you agree to receive all types of electronic communications, called Subscriber’s Communications. You need to keep the inbox open to receive them. Subscribers Communications are often very problematic because they also include links for short-term discounts.

Granny Sex Personals

No Notice of Changes in the Subscription

Subscription rates on can be changed at any time, without any due notice to its members. This is a very weird practice because even scamming hookup sites give some sort of notice, be it in the email or via bookmarking. You should therefore open your eyes to 360-degree and check for any increases on your credit card statement to avoid getting ripped off.

Price Tag

  • $7.95 to get a 3-day trial membership.
  • $29.95 to get a 1-month membership.
  • $39.99 to get a 3-month membership.

Busted or Trusted? is a genuine dating site offering decent subscription rates and real women as members. The only big problem is the changeable subscription rate notification system which keeps customers in the void. You’ll never know when the prices can go up or down!

1 thought on “ Seems Legit But We’ve Found Some Risks Lurking in the T&C”

  1. After several months on the site and writing copious emails, an employee on the site wrote to me explaining that the real purpose was for the workers (profiles) to keep extending the use of emails at the rate of $12.00 per a block of 7 emails ,each only allowing for a short paragraph or two. Thus the site is fraudulent, since the women are paid according to how many emails they can sell. Highly deceptive!!


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