Funny Urban Dictionary Sex Words

Summary: Urban Dictionary is the leader in slang today. When it comes to slang terms related to dating, it’s a huge resource. This article covers the terms you need to know if you’re using online dating hookup sites. Trust me, some of these terms are must-knows if you’re using the app and other sex networks. Read the article to learn the slang you should be using today. 

Funny Urban Dictionary Sex Terms You Must Know

Urban Dictionary is a comprehensive online dictionary that is dedicated to recording and defining the latest slang words and phrases. This platform has become synonymous with the youth culture and has rapidly gained popularity among people of all ages. What makes Urban Dictionary especially interesting is its ability to capture the latest trends in language and culture, including the latest sexual terms and phrases.

This guide will explore some of the funniest and most outrageous sex words that have been added to Urban Dictionary over the years. From the bizarre to the downright hilarious, these sex words offer a glimpse into the world of modern sexual slang and the evolution of language.

It is of utmost significance to acknowledge that certain lexical items, although faintly amusing, are classified as explicit and may not be appropriate for all viewers. Nevertheless, let us embark on an exploration of the realm of sexual terminology found in Urban Dictionary, wherein we shall delve into some of the most preposterous definitions that have been contributed to the platform throughout the years.

Bye Felecia

When someone expresses their intention to depart, and you genuinely have no emotional investment in their departure, their name may humorously transform into “Felicia.”

This fictional name, derived from the popular catchphrase “Bye, Felicia,” characterizes an individual as an insignificant presence, someone who elicits no genuine remorse or sadness upon their exit.

In this context, the person’s actual name becomes irrelevant as their newfound identity as “Felicia” encapsulates the general sentiment of indifference or apathy towards their departure.


Shexting refers to the act of engaging in text conversations with friends, loved ones, or even colleagues while comfortably seated on a porcelain throne.

It combines the activities of using one’s mobile device to exchange messages while attending to the natural bodily function of relieving oneself. Shexting essentially blends the words “shitting” and “texting” to convey this amusing and often relatable behavior.


“Munt” is a colloquialism employed in Australia to denote an item that is in a state of disrepair, non-operational, or irreparably damaged.

Typically, it pertains to an object or vehicle that has sustained considerable harm or exhibits noticeable signs of breakage.

Consider, for example, a hypothetical dialogue between two acquaintances in a social context.

Friend 1: “Hey dude, you won’t believe what happened the other day. I accidentally ran over a squirrel while driving.” Friend 2: “Oh no! That’s unfortunate. Do you have it with you? Show me.” Friend 1: Opens a bag or points to the squirrel. “Look, it’s completely munted! The poor thing didn’t stand a chance.”

Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace, as explained by Samantha to Charlotte in a memorable episode of Sex and the City, refers to the act of ejaculating on or around a partner’s neck or chest, symbolically resembling the placement of a pearl necklace when worn.

However, if this isn’t something that appeals to you, you can always opt for Charlotte’s preferred version available at Bloomingdale’s.

Man Stand

Man Standing refers to the act of a man patiently waiting outside a shop while his partner engages in shopping activities within.

During this time, the man may find himself in a state of idle contemplation, gazing into the surroundings or occasionally observing other individuals, particularly women.

In the context of multi-story shopping centers, he may even lean on the railings of an upper floor, casting his eyes upon the bustling crowds below.


The act commonly referred to as “pegging” involves the utilization of a strap-on apparatus by a woman to partake in the practice of anal penetration with a male partner.

This act of consensual exploration gained increased recognition and visibility through a notable pegging scene featured in an episode of the TV show Broad City.

The scene sparked conversations and contributed to the renewed popularity of the term.


The practice commonly referred to as Queening, or alternatively, face-sitting, is a mutually agreed upon sexual activity wherein one individual, typically a female, positions themselves in such a way as to sit on the face of another person.

This act involves the utilization of one’s body for the purpose of generating erotic sensations through the strategic placement of oneself in a posture that allows for close, intimate contact and stimulation.

While queening may be considered a more glamorous or elegant term for face-sitting, the essence of the practice revolves around the act itself, with no additional complexities attached.

Impact Play

Impact play encompasses a range of activities involving deliberate physical contact for the purpose of sexual pleasure. It includes practices like spanking, using whips, or employing crops.

When participating in impact play, it is crucial to establish a safe word beforehand and consistently communicate with each other to ensure that the level of pain or intensity is mutually desired and consensual.

It is also important to focus on specific areas of the body that are safe to engage with, such as the buttocks and thighs—fleshy and well-padded regions, away from vital organs.


Scissoring, also known as tribadism or tribbing, is a sexual activity often associated with same-sex, female-identified couples. The practice commonly involves the physical interaction between two individuals, where the female genitalia of each partner are stimulated by means of friction.

However, the act may also encompass an individual’s stimulation of their partner’s body parts, such as the thighs or buttocks, as indicated by Autostraddle. The “classic” scissor position involves the intersecting of the partners’ legs, resembling a pair of scissors.

It’s worth mentioning that while scissoring may be portrayed more prominently in porn, particularly for the male audience, its prevalence in real-life sexual encounters may vary. Nonetheless, many individuals still find pleasure in this activity.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, the realm of funny Urban Dictionary sex words offers a playful and sometimes irreverent exploration of human sexuality. These unique and often humorous terms provide a light-hearted glimpse into the diverse range of sexual expressions and experiences.

When encountering funny Urban Dictionary sex words, it’s crucial to maintain a light-hearted perspective, understanding that their purpose is primarily for comedic effect rather than serving as definitive sources of information. It’s essential to approach them with a sense of humor and not take them as comprehensive or authoritative explanations.

These amusing entries can serve as a gentle reminder that discussions about sex can encompass joy, curiosity, and creative expression. By embracing a light-hearted approach, we can foster open, inclusive, and enjoyable conversations about sexuality while appreciating the power of laughter in navigating these topics.

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