Kittyads Review: Does This Escort Work?

TL; DR – This article discusses the ins and outs of, an escort site that I’ve taken a very close look at over the last few weeks. You’ll learn everything I know about the website and most importantly, whether or not it’s worth actually using today. This report tells it all. Let me save you time by saying, if you’re looking to get laid for free, just give this one a shot.

Kittyads Review

My KittyAds Review

In the world of online escort services, stands out as a platform that caters to individuals seeking companionship. This review will delve into the various aspects of the website, providing insights and observations for potential users. It is important to note that while the original text was explicit and crude, this revised version aims to present the information in a more professional and respectful manner.

Introduction to is an escort website that primarily focuses on the United States. While the platform does feature escorts from other countries and continents, its primary emphasis remains on the US market. The site boasts a wide selection of escorts from various locations, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Exploring Escort Profiles

Upon visiting, users are greeted by a straightforward website design. The homepage features a light gray background with minimalistic elements. The site logo, located at the top left, showcases a rotating cartoon kitty when the cursor hovers over it. The header at the bottom of the page provides a touch of deep blue color.

The navigation tabs on the homepage include “Browse Ads,” “Post Ad,” “Who’s Online,” “Affiliates,” “Login,” and “Sign Up.” Signing up for a membership is free, albeit a somewhat time-consuming process.

While US residents are required to provide their email, password, and zip code for registration, individuals from other countries are also welcome to join. Membership benefits include the ability to engage in member-to-member chats, leave comments and reviews, and receive SMS and email notifications for new escort ads or posts.

Browsing through escort profiles is simple, although the design is rather dated. The homepage lists various US states, with California, Nebraska, and Texas featuring the most extensive collection of escorts on

Clicking on a state leads to a page displaying a list of cities within that state, along with the total number of escorts available. Unfortunately, not all listed countries on have escort profiles, which can be misleading for users. Additionally, some escorts are verified, while others are not, and the only way to identify this distinction is through their profile images.

Escort profiles on are relatively basic, with ample room for improvement. Despite including contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers, there is limited detail regarding the escorts’ personalities, preferences, and provided services.

While multiple images of the escorts are typically available, slideshows, videos, and GIFs are less common. The overall quality of the escorts on the platform is average, with a few exceptions.

Escort Pricing and Locations

Determining the exact prices for escort services on can be a bit cumbersome. While some escorts mention their rates, many do not, necessitating direct contact to negotiate fees.

However, based on observations, it is estimated that escorts in the US charge between $150 and $300 per hour, with VIP escorts demanding higher rates. Booking an escort for a shorter duration may yield cheaper rates, and establishing a connection or negotiating may result in discounted fees.

It is worth noting that prices tend to be lower in regions outside the US, such as Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Conversely, European escorts generally command higher fees compared to the American average.

Evaluation of

In terms of functionality, fulfills its purpose effectively, albeit without any standout features. The site design, however, is in desperate need of a revamp. Its dated appearance and lack of visual appeal might deter potential users seeking a more modern experience. Nevertheless, the platform manages to meet the requirements of most users as long as expectations remain realistic.

To provide a measure of trust and reliability, implements a Trust Score system, which ranks escorts based on their trustworthiness. Escort profiles also feature a review section, allowing customers to leave comments and feedback on their experiences.

This transparency is commendable, as it assists users in making informed decisions. Moreover, each escort profile includes a map displaying the precise location, facilitating easy navigation.

One positive aspect worth highlighting is the minimal presence of spam posts on the platform. This indicates a level of moderation and dedication to maintaining a clean user experience.


In conclusion, presents itself as an escort website catering to a broad range of preferences and needs. While the site design may be outdated and unappealing, it fulfills its intended purpose.

Users can browse through various escort profiles, although the information provided is often limited. Pricing can be a bit ambiguous, necessitating direct contact with escorts for negotiation. However, the presence of a review section and a Trust Score system adds an element of reliability to the platform.

Overall, offers a functional platform for individuals seeking escort services. With some improvements, such as a modern website design and more detailed profiles, it has the potential to provide an enhanced user experience.

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