DO NOT STEAL THIS CONTENT! Adult Dating Site a Year After: What Makes it a Top Performer

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We’ve put among the top performing sites in the industry on a previous occasion. In fact, it works with so great credentials that it deserves to stay on the number one position of all verified network. is well-known for incorporating some wicked features that are not available anywhere else. Let’s find out what they are and what makes this casual sex site so special.

Why is one of the Best Out There Years in a Row

When a website takes care of its customers and puts them first, it becomes immediately attractive. No wonder that does so well against the competition – it has an excellent support that is not found anywhere else.

Fraud and Support Teams Keep Customers’ Back

Not many of the adult dating providers like putting their blood, sweat and tears for the customers’ sake. Also, not many of them take care to make the site super-secure and pleasant from several aspects. still continues to dazzle us with not one but two teams that are made with the purpose to support and protect customers. The Fraud team takes care that no one gets duped, and the support team takes care of the other customer service needs.

Profile Verification on

It will take a day to have your profile verified on Yes, that may be a frustration for you, but how about thinking of the other people that join. From that perspective, it’s easy to imagine what would be the use of profile verification. Just as you are so sure of yourself, you may be just unsure of others and would like to have them validated, right?

No Site-Created Profiles on

Unlike various fantasy cuties, online cupids, activity alerts or love stars present on other fraudulent hookup apps, is free from them. This is one safe and dating-friendly place that will keep your lust to the same levels as at the time of registration because you won’t have to spend a minute worrying that you chat with a bot!

Refunds for Unsuccessful Hookups

If you have some member marked in particular, and you don’t manage to arrange a date with that person, will make a refund. This is for protection purposes to avoid unsuccessful meeting prompts that are sent by the company. It’s a great tactic for managing expectations!

Price Tag

  • 2-Day trial offer is $2.48 a day
  • 7-Day trial offer is $9.95 a day
  • 1-Month offer is $34.95 a month
  • 6-Month offer is $11.65 a month
  • 12-Month offer is $6.67 a month

Busted or Trusted?

What has been very good on became excellent, and what was excellent got additional value by some extra beautifying perks and added features. doesn’t disappoint. It’s working hard to keep its name among the top ten, and we must admit that it is still doing a pretty damn good job!

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