ExtrmeChat Review – Fetish Chatting with Some Fakes!

If you’re like most people, you’re ready to hook up through a social network that offers basic chats, the ability to set up real meetings, and other services to find interested women and men. Those who are into fetish sites might have a harder time doing that because many of the website options on the internet have a handful of like-minded people.

Is Extreme Chat a massive scam? I’ll explain everything I learned from my experience with the website to help you determine if it’s right for you. Let’s jump in with a quick, too-long, didn’t-read blurb!


The Extreme Chat website is designed for fetish friends who want to chat and connect with real local women who prefer extreme sex dating. Overall, the site is more about chatting than meeting with others for sex.

It’s crucial to understand that you probably won’t meet others. In fact, there are tons of fake profiles, mainly for entertainment purposes. Simply for that reason, it never hits my top list of dating websites to try.

If you want to avoid fake profiles and hook up with fetish-loving men and women, Fling.com might be the best choice. You can sign up for the network here.

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My Extremechat.com Review

You might be intrigued by Extreme Chat and want to check it out, and that’s okay. Dating websites have been extremely popular lately because of the advancement of the virtual world. Things have evolved from simply chatting and meeting up.

One website offers exciting and fun features, and it’s called Extreme Chat. It’s easy to navigate, and you can use it on any device, including your tablet, smartphone, and desktop computer.

Abacus Online Global created the website for adults who wish to fulfill their sexual fantasies and desires. Though there are some real users, you’ll find plenty of fake profiles, too. That’s the name of the game, which I’ll discuss a bit later. Let’s check out the features of this site.

My Extremechat.com Review

Features to Appreciate from This Virtual Entertainment World

ExtremeChat is considered a sex dating website, but it’s more like a social network for real women and men of all sexual orientations who want to chat with strangers. Hookups are possible on the site, but most people use it primarily to talk to others.

New registrations for the website happen every day, and there are thousands of people signing up. This means you’ll definitely find someone to talk to daily and can avoid dull conversations. However, I’ll also say that it’s probably not the place to go for meeting new people IRL (in real life).

There are plenty of features to enjoy from the site, and we’ll discuss them now!

Virtual Entertainment World

See Virtual Online Profiles of So Many Different Women

You can view virtual online profiles as much as you want and can pick real users to chat with. The website operates with user consent, though many of the operators get paid to talk to you. Likewise, meeting up depends on both parties, which is normal for a dating site. Still, I have to say that most of the profiles are fake, so you probably won’t find many hookups.


BDSM chat lets users talk to people who like intercourse that focuses on submission, control, and dominance. Usually, this involves one person taking a dominant role while the other does whatever they’re told. Overall, you can live your fantasies with one click on Extreme Chat. Just remember that you probably won’t find hookups in real life.


Patent and Leather Chat

Extreme Chat also offers a patent and leather chat. With this feature, you can talk to real women who like to show off their bodies in hot, tight clothing. Though videos and photos are allowed, it’s not free, so you’ll have to buy coins to send and receive messages.

Foot Jobs

If you have a foot fetish, you’ll like the foot jobs area because you can access women’s feet all day long. There are various options, such as touching, tied-up, stockings, sneakers, and kissing. Often, this involves someone rubbing the feet on another person’s sensitive parts to stimulate them or help them orgasm.

Foot Jobs

Underwear Chat

With underwear chat, you can talk to real women who wear lingerie. This is a unique feature that allows people to see ladies in their underwear. They might be having sex with others or masturbating to help you get off.

Underwear Chat

Roleplay Chat

The site also offers roleplay chat. If you like roleplay games, this might be the one for you. Usually, it involves both parties acting out certain stereotypical scenes during intercourse.

Overall, the site gives access to real, local females and men who like this fetish to act out their fantasies in a safe way. It’s ideal for people who have different moods or prefer wild sex.

Roleplay Chat

Privacy and Registration Information

When you register on the site as a user, you’ll get membership access to use all the features. While you may visit the website without registering, you can’t view dating profiles without doing so. Overall, you get a basic level of access without subscribing and paying.

The registration process is simple: you fill in a form on the site. It does let you use your Google or Facebook account to register, which makes it faster. However, I recommend not doing that for privacy purposes. In fact, I always create a separate account for my naughty fun.

ExtremeChat registration

Terms of Service

Most dating sites feature a terms and conditions page that you must read. While some people don’t, you will tick off a box saying you did, and I always recommend skimming it to get the general idea.

Overall, it claims to use professional animators for user entertainment, and they’re not identified separately within the system. This means that they are paid employees or contractors that interact with the members on the site. What does that mean?

In a sense, the operators and animators are pretending to be women and will send messages like they’re interested in you. If you don’t know this, you could think they’re all ready for action, but you won’t see real meetings from them. They’re simply getting you to purchase coins.

Often, the company states these things in confusing terms. For example, you’ll read about moderators, fake prevention features, and the use of fakes. This sets up some issues because people find them deceptive or even scam-like. The user must confirm and validate email addresses before they use accounts, and you can report anyone you feel is fake.

However, the Extreme Chat site itself admits to using animators, which are ultimately people paid to talk to you and get you to send more messages (and pay for it).

Site Security

The website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protections to ensure that your photos and messages aren’t leaked to other users and the outside. Therefore, you can feel confident when uploading things to your dating profile. Others may view them, but the private messages are secured.

Report Fake Profile

Extreme Chat Account: Cancel a Subscription

It’s possible to cancel paid memberships on Extreme Chat while keeping the dating profiles active. However, you may also remove your account completely from the website by closing or deactivating it.

If you deactivate your account, it’s considered temporary, and you may then reactivate it whenever you log in again. However, closing your account permanently deletes the profile. When you want to access the website again, you have to register and create a new account.

Must Have a Paid Membership

Since the company uses operators and animators, you can tell the goal is for you to spend as much money as possible purchasing coins. Users send email messages, but they’re computer-generated. With these virtual profiles, you could lose money quickly while responding to email messages you think are real when they aren’t.

Though I wouldn’t call it a scam because the terms and conditions list this, it’s wise to think before responding to all email messages you receive.

Conclusion: There Are Fake Profiles, but Chats Happen

Extreme Chat is considered a fetish sex chat site with many features. Though it’s user-friendly and protects people, most claim that it is a complete scam because you can’t hook up with hotties for real sex. However, it admits to offering virtual profiles in a virtual environment, and the cost of membership is affordable.

Alternative Dating Sites Similar to Extreme Chat

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