Fuck With Me Review

I’m so sick of all the terrible dating scams out there. One that I’ve seen over and over is similar to Fuck-With-Me.com. It’s the typical traffic funnel that makes my blood boil. It’s a typical redirect scam that you’ll need to avoid unless you want to toss some money out the window. Fear not though, I’m sharing the full scam with you and how it all works right here, right now. Learn about before attempting to join.

Fuck With Me

Fuck With Me Reveals Funnel Traffic Scam

There are a lot of dating sites that are only out to scam you. It happens every single day on the internet. There’s just no way around it. It’s a fact of life online and especially on dating sites. They’re perfect for scamming people out of all of their money. There are even sites that only exist to send you to other scam sites. That’s what’s happening on Fuck With Me.

This is a site that’s only out to send you to a site called Wild Buddies. That’s where the real scam starts to kick in. It’s a very good rule of thumb to simply stay away from any dating site that tries to send you somewhere else. These sites never have your best interests in mind. They just want to take you for as much money as they possibly can and that’s really all there is to it.

You Get Messages As Soon As You Sign Up

If you make the mistake of signing up for this site, you’re going to start getting messages in your inbox right away. It’s going to fill up and you’ll have no way of responding to any of them. That’s how the scam works.

They send you so many messages that it seems like you should be talking to all of these people. You just have to upgrade your account before you can do it. That’s when you open up your wallet to give them your money. It’s what all of these sites are after.

The site just wants to trick you out of as much of it as they can. It works so often that these sites rake in more than enough money to set up the funnel sites and make sure the traffic keeps on coming in.

All Of The Profiles Are Fake

All it takes is a reverse image search on the profile pictures that sent you messages to see that they’re not real. They’ll pop up all across the internet. They take them from porn sites, modeling sites, and social media sites.

The company buys them and uses them on fake profiles, then those profiles send you messages. You see them and upgrade so you can respond to them. It’s how the scam works every time. It’s nothing new to come across at all. Sites like this make a whole lot of money and offer nothing at all in return.

Conclusion: Fuck With Me Is A Scam Site

You don’t have to join Fuck With Me to see this for yourself. You’ll just be sent to Wild Buddies and you’ll get scammed. There are much better sites on the internet that you could be spending your time on. You can even meet real people on them. Take for example the Fling.com network. It’s the real deal.

You’re never going to find an actual person on this Fuck With Me site. It only exists to funnel you into the scam and that’s it. Stay away from it and make sure you keep yourself safe on fake dating sites like this one. Yes, this is a bigger scam than using an escort site, because they buy profiles and that’s a big no-no to me.

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  1. I learn’t very early on about these scamming sites. I used an old card and did actually get thurther on, before it was rejected. No interaction with my messages at all. I think a script making computer not a real woman behind it. A complete and utter con. Copped off in the real world last week without even trying. I have also done reverse search. I am getting emails off fake women. Then a link to one of these sites. I won’t be using my credit card details. I would rather save up and go to a brothel, I would at least then get the real deal.


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