Dating Apps For Geeks & Nerds

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This is a top list, covering everything you could possibly imagine on geeky and nerdy dating. There are tons of sites catering to nerds living in the world today. Find out what makes geek culture so popular and if you’re down to meet a nerd, what network you might want to consider.

Dating For Nerds & The Geek Squad

Geekdom has been seeing a renaissance for the past decade or so. What used to get you beat up is now something that can make you popular. Geek culture has been saturating the mainstream for many years and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

It’s no wonder that self-described geeks are now looking for ways to date their own kind. There are lots of sites popping up that cater to geeks and all of the things that they love to talk about. Here are some of the best dating sites for geeks to find geeks.

The Best Geek Dating Apps

Keep in mind that many of the mobile apps are not listed here, but we’ve covered a bunch of them below that you might want to consider. Check out this list, try one of them, let me know how you make out!


I’ll kick things off by saying that Fling (read the app review here) is probably the best geek dating site out there. While it’s not a “nerd” site dedicated to just geeky things, it does have a massive number of users looking for sex.

These users are frequently searching for smart, geeky people and they’re more open to trying new things versus other networks out there. This is the one for you if you try anything, trust me!


Zoosk is an extremely popular app with a massive user base. It’s filled with all kinds of people and you can meet plenty of geeks on it. You can check it out for free, but you’ll have to buy a subscription to use all of the features.

If you really want to get the most out of it, you can use the mega flirt feature. It puts you in front of thousands of people in your area. It makes it as easy as possible to find men and women who just love everything to do with geek culture.



OkCupid has been around for many, many years. It’s a very popular site that makes dating fun. The biggest draw is the reliance on tests that all of the users can take.

They’re used to flesh out your personality and match you with people that the site believes you would get along with. It’s a dating site that doesn’t really feel like a dating site at all.

You spend all of your time having fun rather than feeling like you’re on a dating site. It’s free to use and very easy to figure out when you make your profile.

Match is another site that’s been around for many years. The user base is massive and it works to connect you with as many of them as it possibly can. The site takes a while to sign up for. That’s because it asks a lot of questions to figure you out.

Once it has all of the information it needs, it will match you with people that you’ll get along with. It’s very easy to get yourself matched up with other geeks who want to talk all about the Marvel Universe or why JJ Abrams is the Antichrist.


Cuddli is one of the fastest dating sites that you can join. That’s because you don’t really have to do anything. All it takes is linking your Facebook profile and you’re ready to go. You can browse as much as you want and talk to anyone who catches your eye.

This is a site that caters to real geeks and puts them on a pedestal. The people here love to go to cons and they certainly know about the things that they love. It’s a meeting space for geeks who want to find another geek to love.

Soul Geek

Soul Geek is really the ultimate in geek dating sites. They take it all to the next level. They’re so deep into geek culture that you can choose the level of geek you’re looking for. You can choose from people who are “sorta geeky” to people who are “really geeky but still cool.”

You can also choose how you see yourself on the geek spectrum. It’s the number one pick for a reason and everyone should be checking it out right now. Just make sure that you’re honest about your level of geekiness. Doing it wrong just won’t’ sit still with these nerds.


You’ve got plenty of options if you’re into dating geeks. There are lots of popular networks that exist today where you can quickly connect with someone. Now’s the time to try something out. Give one a shot and let us know which works best for you!

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