is a Marketing Platform for Fooling People to Buy Virtual Credits

Wouldn’t be nice if you hopped online and found a quick casual date in a matter of seconds? Although there are many legit dating sites that do precisely that, might not be among them. It states that it was created along with the rise of adult dating in the UK and the increased interest. That may be the truth, but how much of the rest of the features can be verified is a big question. The question is so big that we are not sure if we can provide an easy answer. Review Details

In the experience of the team at Adult Dating Patrol, is not on the white side of adult dating. If we add to the mix that it was created by Venntro Media, things start smelling fishy. How much of that nice testimonials are real? They look so good that you may think nothing is less complicated than getting laid online. However, there is one big question: If works so amazing, why does Venntro Media has so many other associate websites which also have millions of members, just like this one?

Why is a False Dating Website

There are plenty of reasons to think that is not authentic.The first is as mentioned above the multiplication of various websites namely for different audiences and using the same member directory.

There is a Network of Associate Websites

To attract a diverse audience, Venntro Media create dozens of casual sex sites with similar names and with almost identical features. Then it uses similar-looking landing pages, but, of course with different pictures, texts and testimonials. When casual online drifters work their way around the web, they don’t really investigate what is going on behind the curtain? You don’t, do you? This is how and the similar dubious providers trick their customers. terms Charges Credits on Top of the Subscription

The main marketing trick takes place on the front page where the main action for luring people in is on in full force. ‘Join in for Free’ flashes on the registration screen. You would immediately think that you will be getting laid in spades with the sexiest singles in the UK. The truth is nothing like to initial story. Then, it becomes obvious that you are not getting anytime soon. The story is not the same only if you pay or sign for one of the commercial packages. In the end, you get the final message – you need to buy credits for the additional communication and for the virtual gifts.

Promotions and Renewals Get Thrown Into the Mix to Confuse Users

Don’t trust the prices of because what’s promised at one moment of time may get twisted further down the road. You will get into a totally new area. Money-wise, of course. More expensive costs can show up whenever you lose your initial discount runs out or whenever you go for a renewal. You don’t even know the exact price of the credits. They are non-refundable and do not have an unlimited expiry date. They actually run out after a specific period of time. So, if you don’t use them, you lose them!

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Price Tag

  • $19.99 for a monthly membership
  • $29.99 for s 3-month membership
  • $59.99 for a 6-month membership

Busted or Trusted? is not one of those hookup sites that instill immediate trust for the provided services. If you know the practice of Venntro Media, this will not be a huge surprise for you. If you are a new user, it is worth investigating it in-depth before you go for a pricier subscription. Don’t fall for the millions of members or the false member testimonials. Careful!

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