Best GFE Review – Everything You Should Know about This Site

What is a true GFE? My guess is that you’re here to read this article because you’re curious about it and want to know how to find it. There are a few meanings for such a term. In most cases, it means the “girlfriend experience.”

Whether you’re in New York City or elsewhere, you want to find the best GFE you can without spending a ton of money or getting into trouble for doing illegal activities.

The Best GFE site stands for the Best Games Fun Entertainment, or so it claims. Overall, it makes you think you’re going to get a game-like experience while on the website.

However, I’ve read plenty of reviews about the site and have checked it myself. You’re probably thinking it’s a coverup of some kind. I’m here to give you a clear indication of what it all means and why it is trying to change the traditional meaning and get you in trouble.

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Now, back to the review….

What Best GFE Really Means

There’s just no other way to get around it, and the term is well-known and crystal clear for those who want girls who accept cash for sex. Officially, the meaning is the “best girlfriend experience,” and that’s what Best GFE wants you to believe you’re getting from the site.


However, I’m here to warn you and tell you differently. You’re not likely to get a girlfriend experience while using this site. That’s because the girls here are gross, and they aren’t what they appear to be or are promised to be.

This guide is here to break down the full website and give you my personal thoughts about everything related to the site. However, before we get into that, I need to put out a full disclosure. I never pay girls for sex because I don’t have to do it. In fact, I use various apps to meet people for sex, so there’s no reason to pay someone and hope they want to hook up.

I’m focused on mutual meet-ups. Without wasting any more of your time, here’s what you should know about the BestGFE site.

Personal Investigation of the Website (Best GFE)

This site primarily showcases various local escorts. In fact, it refers to the ladies as GFE escorts, city girls, and XO companions. As far as I’m concerned, though, all of the girls are pretty much the same. They’re all accepting cash for sexual favors.

cash for sexual favors

Is that worth it to you?


I’ve made some very poor decisions in my lifetime, especially when I was dating casually. What can I tell you about a site like BestGFE? It is not worth your time because it’s completely unsafe!

That’s not enough for most people, and I talk more about the personal breakdown of the website to explain everything you should be watching out for if you happen on it or think it might work for you.

Homepage Rundown

The first thing you see is the big warning message displayed at the top of the site. You can’t miss it, and it’s there for those in New York City, Florida, and any other US state. I’ve got to say that it’s never a good way to start and should be seen as a red flag as far as I’m concerned.

Why is that done? The site wants to cover its butt from a legal standpoint, which is common for most escort-style websites like this.


I’m not including the full disclosure, but it states that the website contains adult-oriented language and content, so you’ve got to be of legal age and agree to its Terms and Conditions. Unauthorized use of the site may violate state, federal, or foreign law. It goes on to claim that BestGFE does not create/produce content.

From there, it says that you must agree to report suspected human trafficking or minor exploitation to the right authorities.

Basically, it’s saying that you could go to jail if you pay for sex and that it doesn’t create the content you might see.

Below all of that, you see about six or so advertisement banners for massage and escort sites, along with other nonsense. Those websites are often unsafe, and they focus on places where you might pay for sex. There’s a right sidebar with the same thing, but it displays about 30 banner ads.

Featured Showcase Section

If you keep scrolling, you see the “featured showcase” area. That is there to show off specific agencies that paid for a feature spot. They might also get hand-selected by the website owners personally.

My advice is to completely bypass that area. You don’t have to worry about any of it, and those spaces are a waste of time in my book. Overall, you get a headache just from accessing the site and being on it for a few moments!



Scroll even further down the page, and you see forums with sub-sections that break everything down by location. For example, the general section shows information related to states, user forums, and other GFE stuff.

When you check out the sections, you see that most of them lack the discussion volume for the topic. That’s a huge red flag, in my opinion. For example, one subsection is for New York City, and it only contains 295 discussions for that location.

I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed. There are millions of people living there, but they can’t even come up with 300 discussions?!

Accessing this website means dipping into each post and being let down.

Drilling Down into the Sections

If you drill down into the NYC section, you see that it’s flooded with more annoying banner adverts for escorts and sex services. There aren’t any reviews in its review section, either! While some sections offer reviews, they generally suck.

To top it all off, I was skeptical of the reviews. For the most part, you could read a discussion post or various reviews on the site, but they aren’t real. Most of the people who post in discussion forums are those with too much time on their hands, though they could be up to shenanigans.

Plus, I don’t trust that the people writing them are consumers. The local authorities often use these sites to capture people who want to pay escorts to have sex with them. When accessing this website, you should be careful and understand that you might get into serious legal trouble if you’re buying sex.

Stale Showcase

The showcase section has stale girls. In fact, the most recent update was in 2017, and that’s not encouraging at all! If you don’t see new information, it’s a red flag that makes me realize that the site is horrible and unhelpful.

Plus, the showcased women are all from another escort website. The bottom line is that they aren’t real. They are ads for women that you could never meet. Once you find a post on the Best GFE site, you get ugly crackheads who ask or demand money from you, and that’s it!

What to Do Instead

Every sex dating website contains adult-oriented content, and you expect that. However, it also points you in the direction of finding sex quickly and legally. None of the women on an adult dating app require payment; you simply talk to each other, decide to hook up, and meet somewhere for sex.

Choose a Dating App

The first step is to choose the right adult dating app. I talk about some of my favorites in another post, including Read reviews until you’re comfortable with one of them. Then, create an account. It usually takes a few minutes, and you’re ready to browse.

I should point out that free sites rarely give you everything. However, you get a feel for the website and can create a profile and browse the babes before paying.

Create a Profile

Most guys want to get in on the action, so they neglect their profiles or don’t even set them up. Don’t just give the basics; take time to fill out each section so that the ladies who view you understand what you want. You get many more responses that way!

Talk to Babes

If you haven’t already, pay for the subscription to use the adult dating site and talk to the women. They might also message you, but the goal is to find someone for sex or FWB relationships.

talk to babes

Meet for Sex

You’re likely to find two or three women who want to bang. Set up meetings with them, and don’t be surprised if they ask to meet publicly first. Take them for a drink and get comfortable with each other before going to a hotel.

meet for sex


The Best GFE website isn’t worth one minute of your time. Accessing the site means you’re bouncing around and could get into legal trouble. Some guys have gotten a disease or been robbed by meeting up with these ladies.

It’s best to avoid such sites and don’t waste your money on them. Instead, people should try “get laid tonight” websites if they’re in New York City or other large cities. You can easily post your profile, read reviews from others, and find horny babes in your area to bang that night.

Alternative Escort Sites Like Best GFE That You Need To Know About

Here’s a list of some more escort websites that I’ve done extensive reporting on over the years. These are must-reads for horny locals willing to pay for sex.

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